Quantum Method – The Science of Living

“Quantum Method is the science of well being. It starts with helping us change our attitude. The new attitude gives birth to new dendrites, i.e. new connecting paths between the neurons in our brain. The brain becomes active and vibrant. The new working structure of the brain gives birth to new thoughts, words and deeds. Anxiety dissolves in peace, disease in health and failure in success. We live long, healthy, active and strong.” – Mahajataq

I already mentioned in one of  my previous post that I have registered for 4 day long Meditation course here in my city, Dhaka under Quantum Method Foundation. The name of the course in “Quantum Method Meditation Course” (The Science of Living) and it will be taught by “Shahid El Bukhari Mahajataq”, the pioneer of modern meditation practice in Bangladesh. He conceived, developed and teaches Quantum Method for the new millennium.

The four-day course which include 9.00 am to 5.00 pm daily schedule (8 hours daily). Its the one and only meditation course across the world taught by a single person (Gurujee Shahid El Bukhari Mahajataq) in a short period of time. The next batch in which I am going to attend is the 351th batch (three hundred and fifty one). Quantum Method Foundation successfully completed a total number of 350 batches already.

According to Mahajataq – “The four-day Quantum Method Course is the best way to learn Quantum Method meditation. Since it’s beginning in 1993, its developer Shahid El Bukhari Mahajataq has individually conducted more than 350 consecutive courses— an unprecedented event in the history of meditation practice. Participants have come from all walks of life. 92 year old men and 12 year old children, artists and religious leaders, doctors and engineers, politicians and journalists, housewives and  professionals, celebrities and ordinary workers all benefit equally from the meditation techniques and life principles taught in this ground breaking course.”

Now a days I am trying to practice meditation regularly (2/3 times a day –  each time 30 minutes). I am practicing meditation from the last 25 – 30 days, and I can tell you that.. I have started getting some benefits from it. Its really Amazing ! Another World ! Where you can find peace and happiness, success and career, healthy body and mind, . . . whatever Positive thing you can think about ! I have been listening Autosuggestion / Mantras since last 2 months. Autosuggestion are some positive sentences, collection of some positive words. Lots more coming about Autosuggestion in my upcoming posts.

Last night my meditation practice was better then last few days practices. I enjoyed it a little bit more than the other days! Initially it will take some time to understand or get clarity or awareness about meditation. But it will happen after once you have starting.

I am going to write a lot of my own experiences, ideas etc about this method in my blog.

Some other courses are regularly taught by the Quantum Method  Foundation, these are: Quantum Yoga, Healthy Heart, ICT course, Student course, Psyche and Healing, Leadership Training, Graduate Program, Pro-Master;s Program, Higher Meditation and some others.

Foundation’s involvement in some social activity: Medical Services, Prisoner Rehabilitation Program, Mother Care, Drug Rehabilitation, Safe Drink Water, Charity Healing, Disaster Relief, Distribution of Cloths, Self Reliance. Forestation, Circumcision, Blood Donation Program, Quantum Cosmo School, Children Care Center.

To know more about Quantum Method go to the Foundation’s own website. http://www.quantummethod.org

Thanks a lot for reading my blog ! This posts is going to end here for today.

Live Long, Happy, Strong. Stay Young !

thanks a lot.


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