Give up Bad Habits and Keep Good Ones – 30 days Trial !

Hello Readers !

I am telling you one thing before the start. Please, don’t worry ! This post is not about to sell any kind of product, cause the post title I used includes the keyword “30 days trial !“.

Here the purpose of using the keyword “30 days trial” is: In this post I am going to share my new thoughts came across in my mind just within last 1 hour ! I used to read blogs, books, Newspaper, Bulletin, Magazine etc daily (I used to spend an amount of the time from my daily 24 hours schedule for reading something). I was reading a blog and found the “30-day trial” theory of our own products !!

The product can be a regular practice of any particular habit which we want to give up or we want to get used to that habit regularly, but we failed. And if we are able to start a 30 days trial for our purposes and do it regularly for next 30 days / 1 month than it will be more easier for anyone to give up / continue our habits, I think that. What do you think ? Lets make some example:

Giving up Bad Habits:

Suppose you want to give up Watching TV cause you spend a lot of time daily just watching only TV. Ask yourself, why are you watching TV ? What kind of benefits you are getting from watching TV ? Is it really benefiting you ? Or you are just passing your time ? Don’t you have anything better than it to do ? What kind of programs are you watching, a Movie, Drama which makes your mind keep thinking after the finishing of that program ?! When we are thinking about something (positive or negative), our brain works a lot, its works all time even we fall asleep. From continuously thinking of any horror / fighting /emotional matters, we will feel more stress, get depressed about our self within a period.

Now, if you want to really give up your Television addiction, you have to strongly determine before the trial period that you are going to Give Up Your TV Addiction, and you will get some real benefits after the period and will continue later. But if you already think “I will do it for 30 days ! , that’s enough, than everything will be same as before…”. Than you should not try this one.

How many times you are spending daily, 4 hours ? 5 hours ? 6 hours ? OK, assume 5 hours. Make it 4 hours daily, keep it for 1 week, next make it 3 hours for 2nd week, 2 hours for 3rd week. 1 hour for 4th week. Stop ! you can keep 1 hour or less time for watching, I spend 30 minutes to 60 minutes to watching my favorite programs. So you can spend half hour or one hour schedule (find your beneficial program – I am not telling you to avoid permanently the Television, Just give up the addiction, there are lots of beneficial, programs running by various channel, find your own and spend a little time with this).

Follow the time schedule, you can use an timer, use pen and paper to keep record of the daily time frame. Try to maintain the time strictly, Get stand up when the time is over, don’t get sit again, keep watching on standing, your interests will get lower by watching TV on standing.  Find some other interesting works instantly, go out for a walk, do any other interested work.

Keep these regular practice for next 30 days. Try to avoid missing a day, give yourself marks 1 for 1 day, so 30 for 30 days, 29 for 29 days, 28 for 28 days. The result will depend on your daily basis practice. Best result will be awarded to yourself by your mind and body if you can do that  for 30 days. Its really not so hard ! Once you just start it, you will see the upcoming RESULT of your own.

Keeping up Good Habits:

Suppose you want to walk 3 miles a day but you can’t. Why not give it a try ? Start today, fix a suitable daily time schedule for 1 hour for for that purpose. get ready before the time began, go outside to a park, open place, your own terrace. Choose a walking place before the 1st day of the trial. Again try to follow the time frame strictly, avoid missing practice.

Fixed up your own target, 1 mile on 1st day… 1.5 miles on 5th day… 2 miles on 10th day… 2.5 miles on the 14th day… 3 miles on the 18th day !! Its done, see ? Its really easy like that. Once you determine yourself that you will walk 3 miles everyday, tell yourself that you will get a huge benefit from this, write down the benefits in a paper and express all these to your mind.

If you can do this regularly, not only 3 miles ! It can be goes up to 5 miles, 8 miles or 10 miles a day.

The basic is simple:

  1. Identify your habit to be give up or keep up.
  2. Try to find out some Benefit / Loss, Bad / Good effect  from giving up or keeping up the particular habit.
  3. Write down these benefits in a paper, in the next 30 days read it once daily.
  4. Write the daily time schedule of your practice.
  5. Define some target period (cut into smaller pieces) if it 1st day of the 30-days trial seems to be hard.
  6. Try to keep practicing daily, don’t miss a single day if possible.
  7. See the results after 30 days !

Dear readers, I am going to apply to myself this 30 days trial theory keep up one of my good habit. What you think ? Do you want to help yourself to give up or keep up any habits ? Take a Pen and Paper… start today… Good Luck !

You can share your goal to me and my other readers. Make a comment on my blog about your 30 days trial period.



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