Why I named this Blog LIGHTS FOR HOPELESS !

This blog has started its journey on 3rd October, 2012. I made my first post on that day. At the starting the Title was “Meditation“. The URL link was meditationbd.blogspot.com. Two posts were published under that title. On 5th October, 2012 I changed the Title and URL of the of the blog and published the 3rd post regarding the changing notifications. And the new name and URL is at the top of the blog and at the address bar !

I already mentioned in previous my two posts that “You can assume this blog as an Experimental Blog“. I will try to post almost all of my experiences about Meditation. I have some other blogs, I have started blogging before 4 or 5 years. I published various blogs on various topics. I used to blogging that time on as part time basis. I got my own passion about blogging, I love blogging really ! That’s why when I got the chance to publish something on the web about anything. I registered more than 10 blogs in various topic, some of them are “Secrets to Make Money Online“, “Beautiful Bangladesh from Inside and Outside“, “VoIP- Voice over Internet Protocol“, “Tips and Tricks only“, “Blog about the Universe“, “Health and Beauty Tips Forever” and there are some other Topic I can’t remember right now! Deleted some blogs, renamed some of these, re-published, and bla bla bla. . . But I was not a successful blogger. . .!

But from all of them finally only 2 or 3 blogs were able to survive. All of these are Blogger blog:

Secrets to make Money Online:


VoIP and Route Solution


Beautiful Bangladesh from Inside and Outside


I knew that lots of patience, hard work, time etc are needed to blogging. I have learned a lot of things in these period. But after 4/5 years now I identified some missing, some terrible mistake i made on my hard work ! I have planned to publish a new blog about Meditation on WordPress Platform. I have started autosuggestion and meditation practice from last few days. Getting more and more interests day by day on that topic. I planned to publish another blog about what I read and learn from meditation and its related info. I got another topic to publish a blog about.

After completing my B.Sc in CSE (Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Engineering) graduation (2006), I started my first job in an Architectural Design Consulting firm here in Dhaka as an MIS Executive. I have been on that job for 4 years. Then I quit and started my an IT related business about VoIP. I have done this for almost 2 years. I am not a successful business man nor a successful employee ! And now I am going to introduce myself as a full time blogger. I am going to run regularly this blog (lights for hopeless) and other three blogs already I mentioned above.

From my childhood I was always pleased to helping people. I was a un-successful blogger since I started. Like me there are lots of failure blogger, internet marketer, freelancers on the internet world. We know one truth, about 99% bloggers quit within six months of the starting. Why ? 1 % can only successful. Why ?

Some questions recently started to show up in my mind, many people have passions, hard work abilities etc, then why should they fail ? Why the number of failure and success is 99% and 1%, its huge ? I have started searching on the online and offline (internet life and practical life) to find the answer and the search has started. The result is “Lights for Hopeless“. I will published my own experiences, thoughts, exercise, benefits, losses, in this blog. If a single person on the globe get a small benefit from this blog, then my blogging experiences will be successful !

You can share your own experiences, failure / success stories, thoughts through the comments page. Together we can help each other in a broad manner way !

Thank u much for reading my posts.


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