Positive Attitude can Change Everything

What is Attitude ?

Attitude is Altitude !

We know the basic meaning of attitude, may be this is the definition of attitude, I heard this word for the first time from my school teacher (15 to 20 years before) but was unable to get cleared. And in those years I didn’t even try to understand the actual meaning of attitude, in my whole life I can’t remember whether I was tried the dictionary or not. I don’t know why!

But now I can imagine that I should have asked my teachers in the school / college / university to get the clear definition of attitude cause now I know what is the meaning of attitude and the importance of changing it. Now I truly believe that “You can, if you think you can !” is right.

To become successful in life, to reach our goal first we need to believe that we can do that our own. Than we need a mental preparation to reach the target. And positive attitude is the basement of our mental preparation. If you want to get something than you have to believe first that you will get it, you are ready to get it. Than you need to think everything positive about it and to continue everything thinking positively, we need to change our attitude. Positive Attitude are the main key to success and people says that Attitude is Altitude. It brings the Lights !

Positive attitude drive anyone towards to his/her success. You don’t need to follow your success, success will follow you. You don’t need to listen others, you can make decision about your own, you can define your own rules. Otherwise you will follow rules of others, and they will get your own control.

Attitudes can be two types, Pro Active and Re Active. Pro Active means Positive Attitude, thinking everything positively, act positive, doing positive work, giving positive feedback about everything. Re Active means Negative Attitude, fear of the darkness, difficulties or impossible to achieve the goal or success.

Previously I told about myself that, I was a failed blogger, I have started blogging from 4/5 years, I worked hard, spent lots of time behind internet marketing, blogging, freelancing blah blah blah.., But I was little bit confused to due to my Negative Thinking. I used to read lots of blog of others but I was unable to identify the positive and negative writings. Got both positive and negative feedback and also learned the same things. The result was, I became irregular about my postings and my interests about blogging were getting down. You can see my 3 other blogs that I’ve started posting at the same time I started this blog.

Secrets to Money Money Online

Beautiful Bangladesh from inside and outside

A Blog about VoIP.  I am going to change the title of this blog, from VoIP Blog to Technology Blog.

In these blogs, take a look at the archive section, first post date, total number of monthly and yearly posts etc. You will find a lots of mistakes which turned me to become failed on blogger. In my money making blog, the first comment I got may be after 2 months even though I applied some SEO, Social Marketing and other traffic generation technique to increase traffic of my blog. But failed!

But when I started this Blog (Lights for Hopeless), I didn’t even add my blogs URL to Google directory or Yahoo Directory. I am only trying to write something unique, something that really comes from my heart, my own writings in my own style. And I think, I have started getting the results already. I found my blog on Google after 3 days it has been published and got some comments.

That’s why, Now I believe that I can do if I really want to do. Cause I am trying to change my attitude!

Dear Readers, I have learned that Positive Attitude is really the Altitude. It brings success and happiness, brings healthy and peace to our life. Now I also believe “Together we can change the World by changing our Attitude”. What do you think ?


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