Self Development Tools to Achieve Goal !

I have started this blog on 3rd October, 2012. I am trying to posting on this blog what I am learning and understanding from various study and research. Since I am maintaining some blogs, I need to read lots of blogs, books / e-books, trying to read whatever I get in my hand related to my blogging topics.

I found some tools for self development need to reach the targets or goals in our life, these are not any kind of Hardware. These are our positive attitude / our manner / habit / our thinking etc. These will be very helpful to all of us who are trying to developing ourselves to live a better, successful, happier and peaceful life.

Aim in Life:

The first tool is the aim of our life, clearly define our goal or target. what we want to do in the rest of our life. The missile is always ready to take the shot from our mind base, we need to just turn it on and set the target location to make a clear shot. So, the answer should be clear to us, when you ask the question to ourselves what we want to do ? We will get the Crystal Clear answer from inside us.

Eagerness and Interests about the Goal:

This is the second important tool which will help you to achieve your goal. What is the most common characteristic of ordinary people like us ? We start anything with our highest level of Interests, but after some days our laziness catch us, we become losing our interests or eagerness about our target. But we think that, we have tried our best to achieve but there are some limits we can’t cross.. my luck is bad.. its not for me.. blah blah blah, we try to find out others negative involvement and their guilt in my achievement, we discover thousand of causes and trying to convince ourselves that its not for me. Whats the result ? The result is we stop thinking about it and start to seeing another Dream ! This is called Falsehood Dreaming, we just keep on new dreaming. So, we must find out the benefits of our goal and show ourselves the benefits that we will get from it in the future.

Need a detailed Plan:

A predefined detail plan is another important things, it helps us to obtain the target easily, helps to keep our focus to our final goal ! Use a pen and paper, write down your working plan and set a possible target period to gain the main goal and all other middle term successes. Keep a hard copy of this plan with you always, its important cause its your Life Plan. Take a look in your plan whenever you get time, modify it if needed.

Start right now:

Whatever you want to do start it right immediately, be practical, get ready to work hard. Though you have already started your work, you already defined your Goal > you are feeling eagerness, own passion, desire about your Goal > you have a working plan.. But these are the mindset preparation. Now its time to start the construction work of your Dream. Don’t even think about anything like “you are going to start tomorrow..”, “you need something to start..” ultimately don’t get stuck with anything that make delays or don’t wait for something. Start with what you have already, even its could be zero. Once you get started everything with your positive attitude you will see lots of ways available in front of you.

Hard Work and Patience:

Now the missile has launched to take a clear shot to a clear defined and set target. Just keep on working hard, whatever you do.. do with your love and passion, don’t look back and don’t be upset for any smaller negative results or failure. Keep patience about your Dream until it get fulfilled. The missile has enough gas on it to reach the target, whatever time it will takes, it does not matter.

Dear Readers,

These are my personal thoughts and experiences about how we can achieve our goal by following some simple manner. All we have two eyes, one nose, two ears, one mouth, two hands, one brain, one mind and one heart. Than why some people are getting more successes and some are not even getting closer to it.


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