How do I find Peace ?

How do I find Peace ?

Where is Peace ?

What is Peace ?

We all are looking for these type of Answers in our life daily. How many peoples were able to achieved or found the peace ? What is the meaning of the word “Peace” ? What we need to do to find it ?

What about you ? what do you mean by peace ? ask yourself and write down the answer on a paper, read other definitions, analyze those and try to find the clear meaning of Peace. Is it enough to find the meaning of Peace ?

I don’t think so.. I am trying to find peace in my regular work, what I do everyday and I am trying to do etc. Somebody try to find it on their jobs, somebody try to find it with their business, somebody try to find peace in married life, student life, in the end life or whatever.. The reason is same “we all are running behind the Peace”. But what we do always to find peace is different respect to our individuals.

So what we need to do to find out PEACE ?

Dear Readers, You are welcomed to share your own opinion, experiences, thoughts in the comment field.

In our student life, we always think that after completing my graduation than I will get a job or start our own carrier and will find the Peace !

After getting a job we always expect our Honor and Salary Increment, a brand new car and an apartment or own a sweet  home. If it is done than we want more salary and honor and other benefits. Cause we always need more.

We want to start our marriage life with a nice, beautiful, handsome, tall, young . . .  girls / boy. We started our married life and try find peace on what ? Watching Movie or watching Baby ? Go out for a lunch or a dinner in a five star hotel ? Temporarily we all found peace in the previous activities I mentioned and like those.

After getting a baby, we expect more salary increment in my job and more profit in my business than we will able to find peace !

Than we start to take care of our son / daughter and try to teach them to find peace in our own way. But they try to find on their ways.

And finally most of us, at the end of our life, we try to find peace based on some religious, spiritual works and other activities like those.

These are the common life style of ordinary people like us. We all are trying to find peace and happiness, success and gain, health and wealth. And these need are basically depend on our Physical Needs. Life comes to near end but the searching is not over yet.

We always want more and more, we never try to to build a thankful mind because we are always needy. We don’t even think what we have ! We always think what we don’t have ? We always try to find Peace on other peoples ways, we don’t look inside us. We don’t thank to God what he already gave us or what we have achieved.

If we started to find happiness and peace inside us we will be able to see the LIGHTS of PEACE ! Real peace always hides inside the deepest part of our mind. We need to find out this from our own. If we can start to think that “I am Happy” than happiness and peace will start coming towards me. We need a Positive Attitude for all these.

Dear Readers,
That’s all for today. Please feel free to make a comment regarding your thoughts, experiences what have you done to gain Peace.


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