PROGGA JALALI – A Program about Wisdom and to be Wise !

Today I attended in a regular monthly Spiritual workshop / program organized by Quantum Foundation. Started at 9.00 am, Gurujee Shahid El Bukhari Mahajataq presented the whole workshop till 4.15 pm. At the starting Majee Nahar El Bukhari started the event with a relaxation meditation. Today was the 1st part of the 10-parts series program and every part will held monthly once, so next the nine workshops will held in upcoming nine months. The name of the event is “Progga Jalali” in Bangla, the english meaning of the word Progga is Wisdom. How to become Wise using the Wisdom.

Dear readers, I already told in some of my old posts that I am a Quantum Graduate. I have completed a 4 day meditation course (Quantum Method) regularly organized by the this foundation and I got a lifetime membership of this organization. Usually I always get chances of attending some seminars / workshops / courses etc organizing by them regularly.

Anyway, the workshop was about Wisdom and Wise, what is definition of wisdom ? who is wise ? where it stays inside us ? and why we need it ? how can we awake wisdom in us ? and its importance ? how to become a wise . . . etc. Gurujee presents the whole thing with some clear and real life examples which helps us to understood the meaning of wisdom and wise broadly. The definition of wisdom and wise was not cleared to me before, but now its more clear to me than ever. Though it will be tough for me to tell you the whole things right now, cause its actually a huge subject and I need some more readings and learning. If you have your own interests about spiritual thinking and matter than it will be easier for you to understand what I understood.

The Meaning of Wisdom:

Dictionary meaning is Discernment, The Quality or State of being wise, the knowledge of what is true or right when you need to take some judgement action. You can do a particular task in lots of ways, but you have to choose only one way and this will be the best and easy way. There are lots of solutions for one problem but only one solution acts as 100% pure and effective solution. And the rest of the solutions could have 50 % effectiveness or 80%, or 90 % or could 99%. But there is only one solution which will guarantee you for pure satisfaction. This is WISDOM the Ability to take Right Decision in the Right Time Spontaneously.

Where WISDOM stays?

This is a God gifted virtue and we all have it, someone has able to show his wisdom power to the world but most of the ordinary people like us didn’t able to do it. Its hiding in the deepest part of our mind. Our mind works in three different states: 1) Normal Sensible state, 2) Subconscious state and 3) Unconscious state. Normally our mind stays in Sensible state when we eat, walk, talk etc and we are awake of everything about the real world in this state. Our mind stays in Subconscious state during meditation or even when we think something deeply like such people scientists, philosophers etc. And our mind stays in the Unconscious state or Insensate when our body become Motionless usually when we sleep. But Prophets, Saints, Ascetics and wise peoples are stays active in this state ! And WISDOM stays on the third state (Unconscious) of our mind.


After completing my SSC exam (Secondary School Certificate), I got chance in three different colleges for my intermediate admission. But I had to choose only one and I choose a college in Comilla District and admitted myself. The decision was not the best and I realized this truth after 3 months. This happened due to the leakage of this my Wisdom or Discernment. And after 3 months I also realized which college would be best for me and I also realized that, I was unable to take the right decision due to some deep and real thinking by myself.
Endowed with Wisdom and be Wise:

For me, I need more and more relaxation… more and more meditation… need to observing vow of silence … need to learn more from others … examine real life … May be that’s why foundation is going to teach us how to become wise and how to awake the Power of Wisdom inside us (PROGGA) in 10 different episodes.

Dear readers, You are deeply encouraged to share your own thoughts, experiences, practical life example about Wise and Wisdom. It will help my self to learn more and will help to awake this power inside me.
Thanks a lot for reading my post.

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