10 Steps or Tips to Live a Stress Free Happy Life

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Maximum part of the article has been taken from the collection of Mahajataq’s articles. I like his writing, the positivity and the examples he usually put in his writings are definitely help me to understand the meaning. 10 common and easy tips to get free from Stress. Peoples around the world are suffering from Stress, Depression, Headaches, Pressure and lots of these type of health related issues / problems.

We know that mind can make us sick. Most of the diseases are created because of our attitudes, our fear, doubts, reaction and culture. The method and process of facing mental pressure, tension, worries and anxiety determine the condition of different limbs of the body. Again, mind determines which disease will attack us and how long we will live. Actually the mind works in both ways. Mind may cause death and disease but this same mind can also be the means of heal, happiness and healthiness. It is up to you that in which way you use this powerful and potential mind.

Dr. Vernon Colman conducted a long-term research on the power of mind. He said that if we learn how to control our emotion and reaction, mind would not be against our body rather it would work in favor of it as a great source of power. He said that we could make our body stress free by applying the strength of mind in a practical and positive way.The following ten steps will help you to apply the power of mind for making the body stress free and healthy.

1) Build up Self-confidence:

If you have any lack in self confidence, you will suffer from the gradually mounting tension. If you cannot rely upon yourself, you will feel helpless to meet up others’ demand and expectation. In addition, diseases caused by tension will easily attack you. To get rid of the lack of self-confidence, you must put trust on your own power. There is a nice way of doing it. Sit with a pen and paper and imagine yourself as an advertisement writer. Imagine that you are a product and it is to be sold to some potential buyers. So think of as many good qualities as you can think about yourself. Write down all the qualities that you possess one by one. Exaggerate some of your virtues while writing, the way it is done in all advertisements. There is no need to look back at your lacking which you are well aware of. Read the list of your own qualities repeatedly.

2) Learn to Say ‘No’:

Experiences show that those who always try to please others and think over what others think about them suffer from tension greatly, whereas those, who give importance to their own choice, feel comparatively less tension. Of course, that does not mean, you need to be cruel or rude for this reason. You merely need to be conscious about your necessity and willingness and you should have a clear stance about your choice. Try to stay firm for yourself. If you really do not want to do something, say ‘no’ humbly. You will feel that this ability to say ‘no’ has made you feel comfortable and has reduced your tension as well. At the same time, he, whom you say ‘no’, would take the matter easily. Never say ‘yes’ about the work you will not do because you will feel tension as you will procrastinate about the work and also the person who is giving you the work will get irritated.

3) Fix your Aim in Life:

To live, we need to have some expectation, some objectives to achieve and something to be nurtured or looked after. Without any aim and objectives, life is empty and meaningless. Your aim, objectives and hope will help you to overcome all the difficulties in life. For fixing your aim, make a list of the desires that you had in your early life. Then visualize which expectations infused great enthusiasms in your heart at that time. Now think over which of those expectations still stimulate your passion. You will feel many of your expectations are now within your reach. If you wish, you can try to achieve them. This new expectation may turn into your aim in life.

4) Choose Your Priority:

If you cannot sort out between a real problem and a trifle one, cannot decide which one should be done first or which one is more important for you, you will suffer from tension. Your anxiety will mount up for nothing. If you do not differentiate between a serious problem and a trifle one consciously, your brain will consider every problem as serious ones. Again, if you concentrate on trifle matters, you will lag behind in solving the serious problems. However, it is not difficult to decide the level of priority. You have to decide which one is more important for yourself. To waste time on an unnecessary work is completely foolish. Make a list of the matters that is making your life stressed. Then decide which ones among those are important. You’ll see how relaxed you feel.

5) Express Your Emotions:

If you are an introvert and are habituated to suppress your feelings, then learn to express them. Cry when you are sad and when you feel like crying. Cry loudly. The researchers have observed that the chemicals structure of tears in sadness is very different from the chemical structure of the water that comes out from the eyes because of dust. Crying is naturally resistant to anxiety and depression. So whenever you feel like crying, cry without hesitation; do not feel shy.

6) Express Your Rage and Anger:

Express your rage and anger. Anger can cause you physical, mental, social and financial damage. If you suppress your anger for a long time, it may harm you. In special situations, anger is very normal. If you are angry for some reason, put across it. When you are angry, say that you are angry for this reason. If you feel like expressing your anger through some physical activities, do so. Kick a football very hard, hit hard on the wall, or speak up loudly by turning on the water in the bathroom. Never suppress your anger in yourself, rather express it in any way. That way your tension will be reduced.

7. Remove Monotony of Life:

We believe that extreme busyness and anxiety create mental pressure. However, idleness and boredom may create mental pressure and anxiety in the same way. If you feel that life has become extremely tedious, involve yourself in some hobby or amateurish activities; for instance, collecting something or some service oriented activities. You will feel proud being involved in some activities that you are fond of or that is beneficial to others. Do not feel afraid to take risks sometimes. You may involve yourself, occasionally, in some risky business with the full risk of failure. Thus, boredom will stay out of your way.

8) Laugh Several Times a Day:

It is still mysterious how laughter creates positive reaction in human body. Laughter keeps inhalation system normal, keeps blood circulation system fine and adds to the supply of internal healing hormone. Therefore, create new occasion everyday in order to laugh. Spend as much time as possible with cheerful, happy and entertaining people. Secondly, read humorous books, comics and cartoons. Moreover, play with children, have fun and enjoy.

9) Make Affection a Part of Your Life:

Love and affection is an overwhelming enthusiastic strength. Men and women of any age can be benefited from a warm friendly relationship. The insurance companies in USA have shown in a statistics that a husband is comparatively safer on his way when his wife sees him off kissing before going to office every morning. The husband’s average lifetime is also five years more than others lifetimes are.There is no need to hide your hearty affection to someone. It is not wrong to express your love for someone. When you go out from home, take or give adieu with a smile. Never hesitate to express your love, affection or fondness in a decent way to your dear ones, friends or offspring.

10) Do Meditation regularly:

There is no assurance that your body will be relaxed when you sit in front of the TV or cinema screen. All your problems and anxiety of the day may trouble you the same way even when you are sitting in front of the TV. So do “relaxation” in a scientific way. Let you imagination guide your thought and body. Close the door and lie down on the carpet or a hard bed for half an hour, stretching your hands and legs. Inhale deeply and let your body relax completely. Let your imagination wander around in your happiest memory. Immerse yourself into some natural scenery. Listen to the chirping of birds. Feel the fragrance of flowers. Get yourself lost in the blueness of the sky and the dynamic greenery of the tree leaves. You will reach the deep level of relaxation. Thus, your body and mind will become relaxed. Along with it, the autosuggestion will play an effective role in the psycho physical development in this level.

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