100 Benefits you can get from Quantum Method

Really 100 of benefits, we can get from Quantum Method Meditation. I am a Quantum Graduate, though I am at the beginning and learning this famous Meditation method. But I have already started getting some of these benefits. This is the starting, and I wish that I will keep it up.

Dear readers, In this post I am going o share you the 100 Benefits you can get from Quantum Method Meditation.


Confident and Dynamic Personality:

1. Taking charge of your own destiny, believing ‘I can and I will’ by changing the attitude.
2. Discovering the infinite power of the human mind, and learning to trust and rely on that power.
3. Awareness of the immense capacity of the human brain, and learning to use more and more of the capacity of Brain.
4. Recognizing the difference between proactive and reactive attitude (Positive and Negative Attitude).
5. Realizing how the anger can takes us from hero to zero and learning to control our Anger.
6. Learning to use auto-suggestion’s and affirmations for self development and personal growth.
7. Changing every aspect of life by awakening inner power and nurturing a positive attitude.
8. Attracting success and good fortune through Monchhobi (goal visualization).

Inner Peace and Mental Health:

9. Overcoming the stress of Consumerism and attaining inner peace by nurturing a Positive thankful attitude.
10. Relief from the harmful and negative effects of a competitive  attitude and lifestyle.
11. Shifting from Re-Active attitude (the root of all failure) into Pro-Active attitude (the mother of all success).
12. Improving the quality of thoughts, decisions and expressions through regular meditation.
13. Overcoming Insomnia  and developing healthy sleeping habits.
14. Learning how to instantly overcome Tiredness, Fatigue, Agitation and Headaches.
15. Learning the process of easy Relaxation, which is immensely beneficial to our mind and body.
16. Relief from all kinds of fear and phobia, including Fear of Disease and Death and fear of people’s reaction.
17. Relief from Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Hopelessness, Anger, Resentment, Hatred, Bitterness and Guilt accumulated over the years.
18. Replacing negative thoughts, words and actions with positive ones.
19. Overcoming Shyness, Inhibitions and Inferiority complex.
20. Attaining inner peace by using the power of your mind to help yourself and others.
21.  Better memory, learning effective techniques for remembering names and other important information.
22. Learning how to  use the Quanta Sign and Quanta Sound for effective study, for instantly overcoming anger, resentment, tension, hunger, nervousness, fear etc,. and for dealing with any crisis.
23. Using dreams creatively.


24. Learning how to always be lively and energetic with the help of proper Breathing.
25. Retaining flexibility and nimbleness even in old age.
26. Better digestion and relief from all kinds of digestive problems.
27. Preventing diseases by strengthening the immune system.
28. Creating an alkaline state in the body, which is conducive to health, instead of the harmful acidic state resulting from stress.
29. Keeping weight in control through natural means.
30. Developing healthy food habits.
31. Increasing physical and mental fitness through Quantum Yoga.


32. Relief from 75% of all diseases by adopting and nurturing the best attitude for Health and Healing.
33. Using the combined effect of Meditation, Medicine, Prayer and Charity for health and healing.
34. Identifying the mental causes of disease and recovering from psychosomatic diseases such as Migraine, Back pain and Arthritic pain etc. by addressing those causes.
35. Relief from stress related illnesses such as Hypertension, Diabetes, Heart disease, Stroke, Insomnia, IBS, Gastric ulcer, Skin disease etc.
36. Learning to use the full capacity of the lungs while breathing and overcoming various kinds of lung disease such as Asthma and Bronchitis.
37. Preventing and reversing heart disease – including blockages in coronary arteries- by following the guidance provided in the Quantum Heart Club.
38. Recovery from chronic and seemingly incurable diseases with the help of belief, visualization and prayer

39. Successfully giving up Smoking, Alcohol, Drugs and other harmful habits.


40. Learning how to study effectively with the ‘zero in’ method.
41. Discovering  your  aim in life and learning how to set goals as a student.
42. Learning lessons quickly by studying with total concentration and applying special techniques.
43. Excelling in exams by developing confidence and overcoming test anxiety.
44. Using the Quanta Sign to face exams and viva boards with calm confidence.
45. Learning  how to be first in life as well as being first in class.

Success and Prosperity:

46. Increasing professional skills through meditation and auto-suggestion’s.
47. Transforming your unique talent into service for professional success and fulfillment.
48. Learning to attract success by practicing monchhobi (goal visualization).
49. Developing the courage and enthusiasm to start with renewed energy after every success or failure.
50. Achieving professional success by following the five Quantum Laws of Professional Success.
51. Spontaneously attracting prosperity by following the five Quantum Laws of Prosperity.
52. Learning to handle professional ups and downs, twists and turns calmly and wisey.
53. Learning how to turn your work into a source of joy.
54. Using Charity Bank and Sadaka Healing as aids to professional success.
55. Using the Quanta Sign for handling professional negotiations successfully.
56. Developing the ability to take on more and more responsibility.
57. Learning how to recognize fraud and deception and escape their traps.
58. Adopting a managerial attitude instead of a clerical attitude.
59. Realizing the importance of using time effectively and developing discipline and punctuality.
60. Learning how to achieve success and popularity in sports, the media and other public professions , achieving fame and fortune.

Family and Relationship:

61. Giving attentions and care to parents, children, spouse and other family members.
62. Using the family meditation to attract Happiness in family life.
63. Creating and sustaining harmony in all relationships and learning how to resolve misunderstandings quickly.
64. Learning how to communicate effectively in family and society.
65. Gaining strength from togetherness.
66. Developing Leadership and Managerial skills.
67. Becoming a nice person by nurturing humility and compassion and developing good Manners and Etiquette.
68. Recognizing the value of forgiveness for a happy family and social life.
69. More social acceptance and better social connections
70. Creating a healthy work-life balance.
71. Having thousands of Quantum members to pray, support and assist you during difficult times.
72. Realizing you are not alone, wherever you are, the Quantum family is by your side.
73. Being able to participate in all Quantum programs with the whole family.
74. Being able to consult with expert counselors about issues related to family and relationships.


75. Connecting with your inner true self, your field of pure potentialities.
76. Developing Wisdom, i.e. the ability to take the right decision at the right time, how to be Wise.
77. Using the command center for diagnosing and healing diseases and serving people in other ways.
78. Having an inner guru to guide you in the Right Path.
79. Receiving psychic protection

80. Being one with nature.
81. Learning to live according to natural laws and activating the invisible rhythm of nature to work for the benefit of yourself and others.
82. Mindfulness and devotion in prayer.
83. Understanding the true meaning of the Quran / religious scriptures by reading/ listening to them at the meditative level in silence.
84. Awakening the universal love in your heart, having empathy for everyone irrespective of race, religion, caste or creed.
85. Recognizing the true cause of our feelings of loneliness and insecurity.
86. Gaining calm conviction by surrendering  to God.
87. Finding the key to everlasting joy and Enlightenment.
88. Engaging in profound meditation amongst unspoiled natural surroundings in Quantamom.
89. Freedom from fear and anxiety by growing closer to God.
90. Nurturing ethical and humane qualities.
91. Having an active, healthy and happy life.


92. Gaining pleasure and fulfillment by serving Humanity.
93. Developing your talents in a thousand different dimensions in the shelter of togetherness.
94. Saving lives by donating blood.
95. Helping someone become self reliant by contributing to the Quantum Zakat Fund.
96. Contributing to society in a way that you never could have done alone by working together with other Quantum members.
97. Attaining peace, health and success as a natural reward for donating regularly through the charity bank.
98. Being the spiritual shelter to a child by becoming a ‘soul father’ or ‘soul mother’.
99. Continuing in the path of self development by participating in Alokaion, Sadakion and other self development programs.
100. Gaining inspiration to work for your country from the monchhobi (goal visualization) of national development.


Dear Readers,

The most of the information’s provided in this post has taken from the Website of Quantum Method Foundation. All of these information’s are copyrighted to HUMANITY. Don’t think that I am making Copy and Paste of these tips from their sites. For more information browse their site www.quantummethod.org.

Thanks a lot.


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