Quantum Wish Board – A place for Pray

Dear readers,

In this post I am going to introduce yourself to another interesting Content of the Quantum Method Foundation websites which is called Quantum WISH BOARD. In the Content section of this site anybody can make wishes and pray for anything. And other people can wish to fulfill his / her dream. Suppose you have a dream about something, in the box you can type your wish and press the Submit button. This wish will appear on the list after manual approval of the admin.

Rules to type Wishes:

  • Write your pray/wish whether in Bangla or in English language. The writing should be Clean and Clear to understand. If you write in Bangla than use only Bangla words and if you write in English than use only English words in the whole paragraph. Writing something Bangla using English characters are prohibited.

  • Hardly requests to all the users not to write a single wish more than once in a day. Because lots of wishes are really written. Peoples are getting real benefits using this Board those who believes in Healing or Prayer.

If you believe in GOD and your own Religion than this could help you and definitely you will like it. We always pray for something to our GOD and only he has the ability to fulfill our dream, I personally believe that.

What about you ? Why don’t you click on the link and see all the details about Quantum Wish Board. See all the Screenshots in this post to get a clear overview of the Content Quantum WISH BOARD.

If you are a registered user than your provided picture during registration will appear on the left side of the row. In the end of each wish or the row there is a link / button called “Pray for this wish”. Suppose you want to wish for other prayers than just click on this link “Pray for this wish”  and the number of person make wishes will increase. See the below Screenshot.

Dear Readers,

This website has lots of Spiritual things that will help anyone. And I am telling you this because Personally I am getting benefits from Quantum Method Meditation. There are some other Interesting and Helpful Content in this website. Peoples around the whole world are using this site and the number of user in increasing day by day. Please take a look.



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