Collection of Positive Attitude Quotes – Part 9

Dear Readers,

This is the 9th post about some Positive Attitude Quotes. These quotes has been collected from the Collection of Positive Autosuggestion by Shahid El Bukhari Mahajataq.

  • Listening these Auto-suggestions will definitely make your mind Positive and you will see the Power of being Positive in life. Keep on reading these Quotes regularly to for your Inner Peace.
  • I will support my family and friends in everything beneficial. But I will consciously avoid being a part of anything harmful.
  • Accepting dowry is a heinous crime. I won’t take dowry.I will discourage others from giving or accepting dowry.
  • I have a responsibility towards my community. Whenever I get the chance I will write against crime and injustice.
  • I will always eat attentively with gratitude to the Lord. Eating will turn into worship and become the source of health and vitality.
  • No one likes a rude person. My genuine warmth and niceness will help me win hearts and minds.
  • I will follow the principles of healthy eating and finish my meals while I am still a little hungry. I will be healthy.
  • I will be totally immersed in each activity. Then each new work will become a new world, a new life, a new horizon of joy.
  • I will take care of orphans and destitute. God will take care of me.
  • To receive God’s grace I must attune myself to His wishes. I will always be engaged in God’s work.
  • My daily habits will reflect my deepest values.
  • Age does not bring aches and pains, diseases and ailments do. I am free of disease. I will be youthful and exuberant at all age.
  • Goodwill towards all is the true essence of all religion. I am religious, so I have goodwill for all.
  • Those who are eager to please others are never happy. I will strive to do the right thing, not the popular thing.
  • I will do my best to bring literacy to as many people as I can.
  • I help my family in house work. I sense everyone’s needs and take steps to fulfill them.
  • I will control my negative instincts, use my time constructively and curb all sorts of extravagance. I will be happy.
  • Gluttony leads to the death of our inner self. I will control the tendency to overeat.
  • I will never trust a liar. I will avoid all transactions with him.
  • As a host I am gracious and attentive. I see my guests to the door when they leave.
  • When I visit someone I don’t take too much of their time. I never cause inconvenience to them or hamper their work.
  • I am always open to new knowledge. So I will always be able to reach the right decision.
  • If I train my mind the way I train my body it will be free from the control of harmful desires. I will use every opportunity to train my mind in this way.
  • In any crisis or emergency, I will generate the Quanta sound silently or aloud (say the Quanta sound in your mind…) or do the Quanta sign (do the Quanta sign with your hands). As soon as I make the Quanta sound or sign I will connect to the universal consciousness. I will be able to use my mental and physical abilities fully for the benefit of myself and others. I shall make the best decision in light of the situation.
  • Common people seek happiness in the satisfaction of physical desires. Intellectuals seek it in knowledge and the enlightened seeks it in spiritual pursuit. I will follow the way of the enlightened.
  • I will always stand by the oppressed. If I cannot help them directly I will pray for them.
  • I will always appreciate people’s good qualities. I will encourage them in good work.
  • I will always greet others with a smile. I will address everyone with proper respect.
  • Inquisitive people make inspiring speakers. I am nurturing my desire to know more and more.
  • I will find out where my talent lies. I will use my talent boldly and intelligently to reach the pinnacle of success.
  • Every day I will read something that will help me progress.
  • Opportunities are everywhere. With sincere efforts I will transform every opportunity into an achievement.
  • Happiness gives flight to our imagination and creativity. I will start my day’s work with a happy feeling.
  • I was born to be successful. Gratitude and good deeds will bring me more and more success each day.
  • My destination is fixed, but my path may change. If necessary I will reach my destination through a different path.
  • I will carry out my responsibilities and fulfill my promises with conviction and determination.
  • I do not need to wander here and there to find the truth. The truth lies within me.
  • I am rising above bias and favoritism. I am just and fair to all.
  • Prayer soothes the mind. Whenever I get the chance I will pray.
  • Meditation, group effort and selfless service is the ladder to uniqueness. I will climb up this ladder step by step.
  • Proactive people are intelligent, value driven, pragmatic and they know what is to be done. I will always be proactive.
  • I will stay away from gossip, backbiting, arguments and controversies in social gatherings.
  • I will enlighten myself and others with the knowledge of the enlightened life. My life will be blissful.
  • Nothing great can be achieved alone. I will develop my organizing capacity through group activities.
  • No one is successful at birth. We reach the height of success step by step. When I take the first step it will lead me to the next.
  • Doing good deeds is my religion. I will lead in practicing my religion.
  • I work hard but never allow stress to interfere with my work.
  • I know my purpose in life. This knowledge is helping me develop in the right way.
  • A tranquil mind accelerates the healing process. My mind is tranquil. I have the natural ability to stay healthy. I will be healthy.
  • Inner strength is expressed through a tranquil mind and planned action. My strength comes from within. Victory is mine.
  • I will speak words of solace to anyone in pain. I will help ease their pain.
  • I will evaluate my work regularly. As a consequence my work will become flawless.


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