Collection of Positive Attitude Quotes – Part 11


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This is the 11th post of Positive Attitude Quotes collection. There will be more 9 about the same topic, that means I am going to post total twenty posts about on Quotes. So, there are lots of positive words and sentences ! These quotes are from the Collection of Autosuggestion from Shahid El Bukhari Mahajataq.

  • I am learning how to synchronize the left and right hemispheres of my brain. Fame and fortune will be spontaneously attracted to me.
  • My mind and my thoughts are clear, tranquil and luminous. My mindfulness and radiance is drawing others towards me.
  • I am fulfilling my responsibility towards my parents with love, respect and devotion. I am letting go of all anger and resentment towards them.
  • I will care for my elderly parents the same way I would care for my child. My life will be enriched by their blessings.
  • I am warm and friendly towards everyone. My words are positive and encouraging. I will win every heart with humility and good behavior.
  • I will free myself of regrets about the past and worries about the future and make the best use of the present.
  • Opportunities often knock very softly. I will always be alert so that I can hear the knock and seize the opportunity.
  • I will always be cautious of the person who has nothing to lose.
  • Nothing has been born out of anxiety and worry. Courage and conviction has built new worlds. I am courageous. I am confident.
  • I need silent moments to connect to the universal consciousness. I will find a few moments of silence amidst the thousands of tasks each day.
  • Fear arises from our inner resistance to change. I welcome change.
  • I will accept every good thing in its entirety. Only then will I be able to learn everything it has to teach.
  • Whenever I speak publicly I will be calm, natural and self assured. I will make a lively speech with natural language and vivid examples.
  • Every cell in our body begins to believe in the picture imprinted on our mind. My monchhobi (Guided Imagery) will carry me towards my goals.
  • My mission is more important than momentary pleasures. I will keep my impulses under control and stay true to my goal.
  • I will always stay away from gossip and hearsay.
  • A tranquil mind accelerates the process of well being. Gratitude gives birth to tranquility. I will always be grateful.
  • To restore my health first I need to believe that ‘I can be completely healthy in mind and body.’ I believe I can restore my health. I will restore my health.
  • New realizations lead to new solutions. I will meditate regularly for new realizations.
  • I am breaking free of the chain of false beliefs and ideas and attaining true faith. I will be truly liberated.
  • I know a person’s hope may be his last resort. I will rekindle hope in everyone I meet.
  • I was born to do something great. I will do something great.
  • Unorganized truth is powerless but organized truth triumphs over falsehood. I will always be a part of organized truth.
  • Discipline is the way to break chains. I will always be disciplined.
  • I will identify the faults in my behavior every day. Good behavior will become a habit.
  • He who retreats in the face of an obstacle can never reach his destination. Every obstacle will give me new strength. I will reach my destination.
  • Self development is my birthright. I will establish my right.
  • Conman and swindlers use easy money as bait. I will always be careful not to take their bait.
  • I am a cosmic traveler. I was never born, and I will never die. I am simply traveling through this earth. At the end of this journey I will start another.
  • I know that no matter what my condition is, there is someone who is worse off.
  • I will always be thankful.
  • Life is the sum of moments. For a successful life I will utilize each moment in a planned way.
  • I will follow my routine and as a result, prosper naturally.
  • Necessity and craving are not the same. Craving is the desire to have more even after the need has been met. I will fulfill my needs but be free of craving.
  • I am feeling sleepy. But I need to stay fully alert and awake. As soon as I finish counting from 0 to 7 and open my eyes I will be completely alert and awake. I will stay awake, alert, lively and enthusiastic for the next … hours/ minutes and complete all my tasks.
  • Extremism in both good and bad things brings downfall. I will always practice moderation.
  • Hatred is an expression of the weak man’s ego. I am free from hatred.
  • When desire crosses its limit it becomes addiction. Addiction is the cause of all suffering. I will be free of all addiction.
  • Confidence arises from self awareness and arrogance from animal instincts. I will be confident, not arrogant.
  • I have the confidence that I can win over any opponent. So I will never shut the door of communication with them.
  • Wisdom is the spontaneous ability to choose the best amongst thousands of choices. My wisdom is increasing day by day.
  • When we immerse ourselves deep into our own beings knowledge and information from the universal consciousness enter our conscious minds. I will engage in deep introspection every day.
  • Arrogance brings downfall. I will always be humble and modest.
  • I will make new friends, but nurture old ones as well.
  • Some relationships can never be cut off. In all such relationships, instead of putting up walls of resentment I will build bridges of understanding.
  • In true prayer the one who is praying and the One who answers the prayer become one. This is how I will always pray.
  • I will sever all mental connections with those who indulge in jealousy and backbiting. My peace of mind will be intact.
  • Not our social mask, but our inner strength indicates our true personality. I am developing an attractive personality.
  • I can only inspire others if I myself am not influenced by them. I will be the source of inspiration.
  • The course of history has always been charted by a creative, determined and organized minority. I will be a part of that minority.
  • I am a true warrior. I know when to contain my weapon. I will contain my weapon when necessary.

There are total 50 quotes, almost every posts about Positive Attitude Quotes have 50 Autosuggestion.


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