Help Yourself to feel FREE from Guiltiness – 8 Steps


Is there any living human being who has never been made any kind of mistake in his entire life? There are not any actually. It is said, ‘To err is human’. So, Errors, Sins or Mistakes are natural for any human being. It is difficult to find any perfect one. During one’s entire life, at any point there might have been some incidents where he has hurt people intentionally or unintentionally. There might have been mistakes and sins, for which he had to repent time and time after. As a result the potential to deliver the best lacked behind.

All happened due to guiltiness. Actually it can be revolutionary, if someone can use his mistake as a stepping stone to refine himself. Guilt is necessary because it is our normal behavior that helps us to learn the right thing from our Guilt. Quite often, it actually puts on a negative impact on self believe, health and happiness in life. Guiltiness can even be the catalyst to cancer. The following 8 (eight) techniques will help to evade our guilty consciousness and will help to rise the Inner Power and Strength of inside us. Most part of the techniques is from Shahid El Bukhari Mahajataq.

1. Guiltiness- Take it as a premonition:
Guiltiness helps you to remember that there is something that wrong. Whenever this feeling sets you back and pushes you to evaluate, urges you to change the behavior it means ‘Guiltiness’ is the medium to enhance your attitude. You might have heard about the famous American singer Neil Diamond. When he was at his peak in 1972, out of the blue he decided to take a break from the music world. It was long 48 months. He thought, he could not live up to the expectation of his first marriage and he did not want a second divorce. He realized and speculated through his actions. After four long years he found his sanity and peace back. He became more affable and fluent. He was happy.

2. Feel the importance of it:
When someone recognizes the impact of his wrong doing and wants to rectify his mistakes, sins, emotions along with attacking attitudes; it actually helps to enhance his self development. We should regret whenever we make any mistake or causing an unintentional misbehavior with someone else. At the end of the day it helps to turn bad into good. Being remorseful is instrumental to transform worse into best if the attitude is correct.

3. Analyze your Guiltiness:
Putting light into the sense of guilt can help you to lessen or correct it. In some cases it helps to diminish it as well. Nasrin (a name) a working women always felt the pinch of guiltiness. She is a job holder. Whenever her daughter fell into any illness; Nasrin felt vulnerable. She thought this illness was all her fault as because she had less time to give to her child. When she discussed this problem with me, I suggested her to analyze the situation in the light of reality. She realized that if she was to quit her job there was no alternate way to earn their living. As a result it was not feasible for her to leave her job. As it was not possible to quit her job there was no meaning left to feel guilty. The moment she realized her situation, she was freed from the negative impact of guiltiness.

4. Take logical steps:
Take necessary steps after analyzing your guiltiness. You have done a mistake or you could not do anything – to evade from these feeling, take corrective actions. Ask for forgiveness if needed. If you find any way to correct your mistakes, it is always the best thing to do. You need to be careful as well so that this overwhelming feeling does not insist you to take unreasonable or unnecessary measures.

It is an American story. A rich gentleman made a tomb for his passed away brother. It was made of rock model taken from Mercedes-Benz. The tomb looked like a Mercedes car. All this was because this brother wanted to have a Mercedes for quite some time. The rich gentleman was promising him to buy it anytime. In the meantime his brother died. It gave him a shock and he deplored. So to remember him and show respect to his wish he spent that much to make a tomb like that. This is kind of insanity you can say. Instead of spending this much to build a Mercedes, it would have been wise to spend it for charity. Many people would have been helped because of that contribution. This could easily bring the peace to that departed soul. So if anything like this happens to your life, you should always try to donate for others well being. It will bring mental peace

5. No one is immune to mistakes:
Everyone make mistakes. So whenever you make any mistake, acknowledge it. Ask for forgiveness. Forgive yourself too. Always remember, you are not immune to mistakes. You can make a blunder and for that you should not remorse all the time. It is always better to come out of it as soon as possible. Make a fresh start by forgiving the past.

6. Learn from your mistakes:
Unintelligent people never learn from their mistakes. Intelligent people learn from their errors. They do not repeat the same mistake time and time after. With addition to that they keep a close eye from making the same old mishap. As a result it becomes easier to make fewer mistakes in life.

7. Confess:
Whenever you have done any sin or offense, you should repent it deeply. Ask forgiveness to Almighty. Confess it. Take help from your lord for your salvation. You know God is merciful. He loves to forgive and this is his biggest essence. He can forgive any of your sins if he wishes. So ask for his forgiveness with an open heart. Confession will help you to restart your possibilities.

8. Forget everything and start your new journey:
Correcting the mistakes and changing your attitude accordingly will help you to disconnect from the sins and guilty consciousness. Forget the past mistakes that have been haunting you. Start a new journey towards your new possibilities. Forgetting is important. Remember, you can start your prosperous new life only if you can say good bye to your guiltiness forever.

It is really important for you to come out of the sins and the guilty consciousness you have been carrying for years. You can follow the above stated steps to enhance the immense possibilities you have and build on to a serene and meaningful life.

Thanks you very much.

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