Does Meditation prolong our Life span ?


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I have completed a Meditation Course from the Quantum Method Foundation, Bangladesh. Quantum Method is one of the Meditation process or technique from all of the meditation technique in the world. Now I am practicing this technique 2 or 3 times daily for 30 minutes and I am getting some real benefits from it. I have read lots of Articles of the pioneer of this famous meditation (quantum method) technique, Shahid El Bukhari Mahajataq. I have learned a lot and found some thinking materials (!) from his writings. Those materials are really helping me, wish this one could help you too !

“Meditation prolongs life span”

Life turns out to be a pleasant, meaningful one. Our saints achieved great psychological strength and liveliness through meditation. The brightness on their faces, the glow of their skin and their wisdom impressed general people. Still now, it is difficult to guess the exact age of the saints. They feel the vigor of 40 years old even at the age of 80.

Earlier, people used to ascribe supernatural attributes to the energetic life of the saints. However, it has been found in scientific researches that anyone can achieve the vigor of young age, can awaken the hidden inner strength even at an old age. The result of a great investigation of the scientists about this subject was published in the weekly “New Scientist” in its 28 April 1990 issue.

In the report of this factual science- journal, it is said that two groups of scientists in the U.S.A. claim that transcendental meditation (i.e., T.M.) can prolong one’s life span and can develop the standard of life too. According to the scientists, that if old people meditate in the transcendental method twice a day as a way of relaxation, their life span also increase along with the boost up of their strength.

The report says, Charles Alexander and Haward Chandler from Maharishi University of Iwar Fairfield together along with a few researchers of Harvard University and Maryland University conducted a research on the residents of 73 retirement homes. The average age of the subjects was 81 years. The researchers analyzed the comparative effect of 3 different types of relaxation or meditation on age.

Alexander and his co-researchers taught each individual one method of meditation or relaxation among the three methods in a scattered way. The fourth group was not taught any meditation. The members of the three groups kept on meditating in the method that they were taught. The researchers observed the condition of these four groups after three months. They saw that those who were attempting Transcendental meditation among the four groups have improved most. Their systolic blood pressure came down from 140 to 128 in average. It is a proven fact that the risk of heart attack is reduced with the fall of blood pressure. Heart attack is one of the common reason causing deaths. It is seen in psychological examinations that the members of Transcendental meditation group can think much better than the other groups do; their memory is comparatively sharper than others’ are.

The statistics three years later showed that all the members of the transcendental group were alive until then. Also, a few members from three other groups died. On the other hand, among the 478 residents of the retirement homes, the rate of death of those who were not included in this research was 62.5%.

Researcher Alexander said that it was the first research work to see the effect of transcendental meditation on prolonging life span. The result of this research is very similar to the previous statistics and researches carried on earlier on this method of meditation. It has been proven in other researches that as you grow older, the level of different psycho-physical process of your body declines, for instance, blood pressure, eye-sight, cognitive functioning, DHEAS Hormone etc. whereas there is remarkable development of these processes in the transcendental meditation. It is worth mentioning that DHEAS Hormone is produced in adrenal gland. The level of this hormone is more in youth and gradually reduces as you age.

Moreover, it is said in the report that it is usually assumed that each meditation and relaxation method is equally effective. However, this research was a direct challenge to this pre-assumption. Another research conducted by Kenneth Iplee of Stanford University of California has strengthened this challenge. Kenneth examined the results of hundreds of research and statistics conducted on the effectiveness of different meditation to remove anxiety. He found out that transcendental meditation is doubly effective than any other meditation to remove anxiety.

“New Scientists”, published from England, is the most adored journal among the scientists for its factual research results. The report published in this journal proves the greatness of Eastern methods of meditation. It is to mention that renowned saint Moharishi Moheshjogee started Transcendental meditation or T.M. first in America in 1960. From then onwards many people starting from the Hollywood stars to the Generals of Pentagon became attracted to it and transcendental meditation became number one in popularity in America. Many other methods of meditations were set in motion after that in U.S.A, for instance, psychokebernetic in 1964, Silva method in 1966 etc. However, the greatness of transcendental meditation being proven in more than hundred scientific studies and researches compared to the other ongoing methods, it is still in the top most position.

In the decade of ‘90s, the idea of quantum started extending its influence on transcendental meditation. The famous disciple of Maharishi Dr. Deepak Chopra, M.D., is now preaching the idea of quantum healing in America. He has written four research – based books on quantum healing, and sound health and long life which have created a wave of excitement in American medical world. He has named his book “Ageless Body, Timeless Mind”, published in 1993, as “quantum replacement of old age”. The book is already a best seller and a million copy of it were sold.

It is clearly evident that your age is not a hindrance to the effectiveness of meditation. 60, 70, 80- whatever your age may be right now, you can regain your vigor by starting meditation.

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