Positive Attitude Quotes Collection – Part 12


Dear readers,

Happy New Year – 2013 !

Today I am going to post some Positive Attitude Quotes Collection in this post. Wish these positive attitude quotes help all of us to improve ourselves. All of these quotes are from the Collection of Auto-Suggestion by Mahajataq.

  • Reading books may help me become a scholar, but to be enlightened I need introspection. I will engage in deep introspection each day.
  • Knowledge means nothing unless it is translated into action. I will translate my knowledge into action.
  • I am learning to accept compliments and criticism with equal ease.
  • Fear and anxiety are the shadow of the devil, and faith is the ray of God’s light. I am reviving myself with the power of faith.
  • Doubt is the first step towards the loss of faith. My faith is free from doubt and confusion.
  • When a problem arises instead of being anxious I will let it unfold naturally. Then the possibility hidden in the problem will reveal itself to me.
  • Every task seems impossible at first. I will start my work with faith. One step will lead to the next.
  • The science of living is the science of all sciences. I am practicing this science.
  • People are only as great as their dreams. I have a noble dream. I will attain greatness.
  • Only a fool thinks he knows everything. I will be aware of what I don’t know.
  • I speak not to impress but to inspire my listeners.
  • A beggar can never be self reliant. The hand which is used to taking can never donate. I will be a donor.
  • I live my life with joyous gratitude and quiet persistence. Success will be mine.
  • I am learning to acquire new knowledge and skills and take on new responsibilities. Success will be mine.
  • The right plan is half the work. I will start my work in a planned way.
  • Winners concentrate on their belief and losers use reality as an excuse. I will follow the path of a winner.
  • Intelligent people think before they speak or act and fools think after. I am intelligent.
  • All ground-breaking ideas were born out of silence, not in committees or commissions. Every day amidst all my work I will find some silent moments.
  • One can have thousands of excuses for not doing work, but to do it just one reason is enough. I have that one reason. I will do the work.
  • I will decide how I spend my time. I will make time for everything I need to.
  • The difference between being unable to act and delaying it is that the first is the result of being controlled by circumstances and the second by whims. I will be free of both.
  • The best of all good deeds is one that is done regularly. I will do something good regularly.
  • I will take time, place and person into account when I speak, but I will always speak with a smile. My smile will reveal the warmth of my heart.
  • I will congratulate others at the first opportunity.
  • When we are happy our mental energy flows with the spontaneity of a spring. I will always be happy.
  • Our brains didn’t make us human, our hearts did. My heart is filled with universal love. This is my uniqueness.
  • Muscle power is short-lived, but inner power is everlasting. I will gain my strength from my inner self.
  • Critics criticize with the expectation of a reaction. I will remain proactive in the face of criticism.
  • Unnecessary phone conversations waste time and money. I will use the phone only when necessary. I will keep my phone off when I sleep at night.
  • My intention determines my destiny and I determine my intention. I will be the master of my destiny.
  • Chains, ropes or walls aren’t holding me captive, my captivity is mental. I will free myself from all mental bondage.
  • I will always respect my rivals. A strong rival will act as a catalyst for growth.
  • Asking the right question is half of acquiring knowledge. I will think carefully before I ask.
  • Knowledge makes us human and ignorance turns us into either a monster or a slave. I am ready to suffer any hardship to acquire true knowledge.
  • I know I can awaken my inner power by loving myself. I am learning to love myself.
  • Instead of instantly reacting to an event I stop for a moment, take a deep breath and ask myself, ‘What is my best course of action now?’ Then I do what I need to do.
  • I will translate my talent into service. The joy of work will transform every achievement into an asset.
  • To deceive is a crime but to be deceived is also degrading. I will make sure that I am never deceived.
  • I will always be wary of people who want to use me for their own gain.
  • A true model is someone who is followed because of his qualities, not because of looks or style. I will be a true model.
  • There is nothing smart about being able to attract the opposite sex, every animal does it. I am controlling this animal tendency.
  • (for quick rejuvenation) I am feeling wonderfully relaxed and peaceful. I feel revived and rejuvenated. After I finish counting from 0 to 7 and reach the normal conscious state I will feel cheerful, lively and enthusiastic. I will be fully alert, elated and exuberant.
  • I do not waste time taking unnecessary preparation for work. I just start the work.
  • I am free to plan my schedule any way I want to. But I am not free to break it once it is fixed. I will always follow my schedule.
  • No one is perfect. Instead of striving for perfection I will just strive to do my best within the allocated time.
  • Unscientific and unnatural living leads to suffering and distress. I am following the science of living.
  • Hatred and rudeness arise from feelings of inferiority. I am free from all feelings of inferiority. I am kind and loving.
  • Intelligent people know their limitations and start from there. I am intelligent. I will start with what I have.
  • I may satisfy others with logic, argument, and evidence. But to satisfy my inner self I need to surrender to God. I will surrender to God.
  • Prosperity is my birthright. I will be prosperous.

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