The Break-Up Cycle part-2



The brainless beauty-

Hope you are as gorgeous as ever. How is your aerobics class going? Have you left it mid-way, as you did with your cooking-singing-dancing lessons, saying you’re “too good to learn from them”? Huh! That’s the irony. Because I’m actually writing to tell you how NOT-GOOD you are at everything.

You know, the world doesn’t revolve around fair-polished skin, thin waist and straight hair. Yeah, it matters a great deal when someone’s dating you. Well, why not? If I’m throwing parties and giving free rides in my car and buying expensive gifts, I better ‘spend’ for the best-looking one! But this ‘lovey-dovey-ness’ continues only till the honeymoon phase. Soon people leave universities, start becoming serious about their life and think of getting married. Suddenly, life means a lot more than just fooling around. Suddenly we realize- every single thing is to be done not because I want it so, but because it has to be done and society says so.

But WHO GIVES A DAMN TO SOCIETY before the age of 25? You don’t. I know that I didn’t. Nobody does. But as I was saying, relationships (the serious ones obviously) mean more than fun & joy & laughter; it means responsibility from both sides. As long as you can cook without 15 maids to arrange everything and have patience to clean your household every morning and give space and keep quiet when the people around you ‘do not notice you & are actually busy’, I guarantee you that, every guy in this world will be lucky to marry you and won’t mind your having pimples and being fat.

Who am I kidding here? Why am I pouring the ‘responsibility’ trash on you? Do you even know what it means? I have been to your house. You don’t even know where the food is supposed to be or how to serve your guests. Maybe you are wondering why I have been talking about cooking- you’re supposed to be my wife, not a maid. I agree. But there’s a difference between not-knowing how to cook and not-knowing WHAT COOKING IS! Being such an alien, can you run a household? When you get married there won’t be a “mum” to shout at or to complain to, or a “dadda” to bring everything at once & ‘protect’ you from vacant cupboards or empty fridge! You will be the all in all. And in the most ‘remotest’ future I don’t see you fitting in the shoes.

And could you please explain your super provocative clothing and flirty gestures? I mean, I DO enjoy them. But so does the three-hundred-and-sixty-five-men around us! It’s like swimming in a public pond; everyone is ALLOWED TO and, may be, CAN take a dive! Disgusting! So far I’ve known you, you don’t just like to look good, you CRAVE for people’s attention. This “poster-girl” image is not a good color on you, especially when you want to get married.

And,why this constant demand for acknowledging every tiny little move! Every time you do something which could be as silly as buying coffee or waiting for 5 minutes, you need me to thank you & call you ‘honey’! Moreover, you keep scores of every single thing and nag me for every ignorable mistake. Sometimes I wonder if you maintain a register to note those down! On the other hand, when I ask you to do something and you screw it up you act as if nothing happened. The idea of apologizing doesn’t even occur to you !! We are just supposed to tolerate your idiocy & stupidity & inconsideration & irresponsibility. Seriously, who do you think you are?

Well, I don’t blame you. You have always been the perfect ‘Barbie-doll’ for your ‘sweetheart’ parents. Also, you never had to be serious or actually responsible for something worth accomplishing. Thanks to your marvelous smile men have always been at your feet to trying to fulfill every little wish! How would you know about responsibility? Surprise! Surprise!

If I think of getting married, I want, no, I need someone to share my responsibilities. I need someone to depend on, to be a backbone to me. And if you’re the one, God help me, I’d have the backbone of a turtle! It’ll be like raising a child, which is not among my plans.

So, finally, as you might have sensed, I’m breaking up with you. All the best with your new life. And, don’t get me wrong, but I CAN’T wish for you to have a good husband. Because unless change you probably never will. Don’t worry: You still have a few good years to stay pretty & young, you’ll have lots of boyfriends to ‘support & comfort’ you after this break-up.

[I’ll tell my parents that breaking up was a mutual decision. I think even though our fathers are best friends, they’ll allow us this much freedom. But, if they find out anything about this letter or how I really feel about you- NO MATTER HOW, trust me I’ll PERSONALLY MAKE SURE THAT NO ONE MARRIES YOU EVER! & yeah, I do possess so many things (including pictures- I think you know which ones) of you- which are enough to make you commit suicide.]

The charming Prince.

Source: QuantumMethod


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