I am under too much Stress !


Hello Readers,

How are you ? I read a free online E-book today about Stress Management and found some useful tools that could help a lots of people like me who are really getting attacked by Stress as a daily basis! STRESS is really really bad, cause I have my own real practical experiences about it.

I can feel that I need to be relax, but I can’t even have a sit . . .

I know that I have an important task to do, but I can’t do it with pleasure . . .

I can understand that people around me are getting tensed because of me, but I can’t help them to get rid of tensions . . .

I know which will be right for me, but I can’t do the right thing . . .

YES ! These are only a few common things usually happened to me when I used to feel Stresses, Depressions, Tensions and Worries etc. I can feel the pain from inside me. A little bit stress is necessary cause it gives us awareness about the future, it helps us to make ourselves prepared for any upcoming occurrence. When I feel some kind of stress, I usually think only once or twice to get a clear picture of the situation. Than I try hard to turn my thinking to the solution of the situation or start thinking with another…

Now, come to the main topic of the post. I found some symptoms that could help you to understand that you are under Stress, if you feel the following experiences or behavior more in you, than more stressed you are. Most of the experiences below are common in human life.

Your body may react like the following:

  • Breathing fast or too fast
  • Headaches
  • When you feel constant tiredness and restlessness
  • Lots of Sleeping problems
  • Tendency to sweat everything
  • You will feel more Nervous
  • Cramps or muscle spasms
  • Pins and needles
  • High blood pressure
  • Feeling sick or dizzy almost every time
  • Constipation or diarrhoea
  • Craving for food
  • Indigestion or Heartburn
  • Lack of appetite
  • Sexual difficulties
  • Fainting
  • Chest pains
  • Grinding your teeth at night


You may feel like the following feelings:

  • Irritable and Aggressive
  • Depressed and Tensed
  • Fearing of failure, fearing of death
  • Dreading the future
  • You will loss your interest in others
  • Feeling no more interests in life
  • Negligence in everything
  • You will feel that there’s no-one to confide in
  • A loss of sense of humor
  • Bad or ugly
  • A fear that you are seriously ill


Your behavior will also change, you may behave like:

  • You will get confused every time when to make decisions
  • Concentrating on anything will getting difficult.
  • Denying or Ignorance that there’s a problem
  • You will try to avoid any difficult situation
  • Frequently crying
  • Biting your own nails
  • Unable to show your true feelings, and you will start think that “there is know one in the whole world that can understand you !”
  • Being very snappy or aggressive
  • Finding it difficult to talk to others, feeling a fear or laziness always to communicate with others.


I already said that I felt lots of stresses in my life. And the above experiences are almost the same as mine. That’s why I intended to share with you.

Thanks a lot.


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