Positive Attitude Quotes Collection – Part 13


Another post of positive attitude quotes collection from the autosuggestions collection of Mahajataq. This is the number thirteenth post in this blog about quotes. I am going to post another seven (total twenty) post of positive attitude quotes.

  • Whatever we believe and imagine consciously or subconsciously happens in reality. My monchhobi (vision / imagery) is now imprinted on my mind. I will spontaneously move towards my goal.
  • It takes time for a seed to grow into a tree and bear fruit. I will devote time and labor to realize my monchhobi (vision / imagery).
  • I am devoted to my work. I know I will be rewarded for it.
  • I know that small everyday successes will one day add up to great success. To achieve my ultimate goal I will give importance to small steps.
  • I know in order to be a celebrity I need to embrace obscurity. I am embracing obscurity. I will be a celebrity.
  • We believe not with our brains, but with our hearts. I am awakening the power of my heart.
  • Achieving success is important, but it is more important to sustain it. I will develop the necessary qualities to sustain success.
  • A dream is not what we see when we are asleep, but that which doesn’t let us sleep. My dream will give me the inspiration to work night and day.
  • My ideals and my actions are inseparable from me. I will amaze everyone with the novelty of my work.
  • Dynamism is life. Proactive work will add dynamism to my life.
  • It is not earthly possessions but positive attitude that brings happiness. I am nurturing a positive attitude.
  • I will absorb the positive aspects of everyone and everything. I will achieve more and more everyday.
  • Pure intentions, prompt initiative, sincere effort and group awareness bring God’s blessings to life. God’s bounty will shower upon me.
  • I will reward myself on completing monotonous tasks. This will increase my enthusiasm manifold.
  • By saying “I am sorry” I will express not only my regret about doing something, but also my commitment not to do it again in the future.
  • Silent and persistent work is the best kind of publicity. Instead of worrying about publicity I will just keep on doing my work persistently.
  • Intelligent people use effective strategies to get better results with less effort. I am intelligent.
  • I can turn my sorrow into my strength. So sorrows are my strength.
  • I respect uniqueness and originality and know that I myself have the power to do something extraordinary. I will be truly unique.
  • Rules are not only for others, but for me as well. I will always follow the rules and norms of the group.
  • One day of practical experience can be worth more than a year of theoretical knowledge. I will use every opportunity to gain more experience.
  • As I travel through my life, I might come across sorrow. But I will transform this sorrow into joy.
  • Hoarding increases scarcity and charity increases prosperity. I am progressing on the path of prosperity.
  • I start my work. I persevere in it. Victory will be mine.
  • I am embracing eternal truths with a modern flavor in my life. My life will be fulfilling.
  • A tiny hole can sink a large ship. I will be careful about small mistakes.
  • The deeper the river the more silent the flow. I will do my work silently.
  • I know it is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness. Instead of protesting an injustice I will use my strength to prevent it from occurring again.
  • I am developing new habits. New habits will show me the path of liberation, bring new opportunities and make my life more fulfilling. I will attain true freedom.
  • I will take my time to evaluate something before I believe in it. But once I am decided my belief will be total.
  • I will concentrate on my strengths and abilities. I will make a list everything I can do. The more I develop my strengths the more I will overcome my weaknesses.
  • I sincerely wish the best for everyone. I listen to them attentively. As a result I need very few words to persuade them.
  • Faith generates dynamism in action and action makes faith even stronger. The rhythmic interaction of faith and work will carry me swiftly towards success.
  • The power and ability to fulfill all my dreams is within me. I will seek out this inner powerhouse.
  • Accepting undue favors may cost me a high price in the future. I will be very careful about accepting favors.
  • If we say something again and again it hypnotizes our subconscious mind and causes it to believe. I will be hypnotized by true faith.
  • Instead of wasting time regretting my loss I will try to make up for it in alternate ways.
  • I will use intermediate goals as steps to attain my ultimate goal.
  • I know by serving others I am really serving myself. I will do something beneficial for others today.
  • We are more at ease when we know what we want. I have a list of 19 things I want to achieve before I die.
  • I am creating my own identity. I will be known for my own qualities and contributions.
  • Success is not a destination but a continuous journey from one destination to the next. I am enjoying the journey.
  • I value my relationships. I will devote time each day to nurture spiritual bonds.
  • I am rising above narrow self interest. I will compete only in good work.
  • The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. I will start from wherever I am with whatever I have. I will reach my destination.
  • Real entertainment relieves anxiety and makes us tranquil and happy. I can distinguish between real entertainment and momentary diversions.
  • Frustration and happiness are each others enemy. Frustration destroys happiness and happiness washes frustration away. I will embrace happiness.
  • I will celebrate my spiritual bonds every day, not only on special occasions.
  • Wallowing in frustration is really idleness in disguise. Those who have nothing to do, enjoy nothing. I have a lot to do. So I will always be happy.
  • The speed and accuracy of my work is increasing day by day.

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