More Concentration on your Study


My Study, My Happiness. This is a very good saying. But unfortunately, only a few boys or girls in the whole class can say this and rest of them are unable to say this kind or Saying. That is because they don’t find enjoyment or pleasure in their studies. They always study to pass the exams. The main reason behind this dislike is inability to concentrate on their study.

Concentration is the source of happiness:
In Bangladesh nowadays, many coaching centers are claiming that they teach inattentive students with great care even some of those centers give guarantee to make an improvement of any inattentive student. Does that mean there is a different group of students who suffer from inattention? Actually, this is not the case. Everyone has the capacity to exert concentration or mental energy. Watch the most inattentive boy of the class while he is enjoying a cricket match in television or playing games in PC and when he / she does this, can you imagine how engrossed and attentive he / she is ?

Concentration has only two ingredients:

  1. Interest
  2. Environment

Interest of Study:

  • Think a bit before starting to study, what will you study, why will you study and how long will you study? Plan some targets every time you sit on your reading table. For instance, certain number of pages or exercises brings diversity to your topics.
  • Think of a different technique of your own to study every day.
  • There is a relation between energy level and interest. The more you have energy, the more you can concentrate on your study. And most of the students stand more energetic during the first half of the day. It has been seen in their cases that, the amount of work they can complete in one hour in the morning takes one and a half hour at night. That is why; complete all the difficult, annoying and boring lessons in the morning. Complete other lessons that you like in the later part of the day. But if the case is opposite, which means, you prefer to study at night, then create your routine according to your preference.
  • Tend to take breaks in your studies because it has been seen in research that a person cannot concentrate for more than 25 minutes at once. That is why, instead of forcing your mind to concentrate on a subject continuously, you can take a break of five minutes after every fifty minutes of your study. But don’t get busy with television, mobile phone or computer during this interval. That might turn your 5-minute break into an enormous break of two hours.
  • Your posture of sitting is important for your concentration. Sit straight on your chair and feel comfortable. Avoid unnecessary movements. Sit on the chair in such a way that your feet touch the floor. Sit by slightly bending towards the table. The table should be at a distance of at least two feet from your eyes.
  • After studying continuously for some time, when your mind starts flying aimlessly here and there, instead of looking at the book by forcing your mind, stand up on your feet immediately. But don’t leave the room. After doing this practice several times, you will notice that your mind is no longer getting lost during your study time.
  • Start studying everyday at a certain time and don’t touch any undone task or bother about one before you start. Instead, write down these tasks in a paper, it is very helpful.
  • Award yourself with a prize if you succeed in completing your target of study, no matter how small the prize is.

Environment of your Study room:

  • The reading table should face the wall. Pictures, showpiece, anything that distracts your mind should be kept out of your reach or even your sight.
  • Try to study regularly in one particular place. Don’t use your reading table for any other purposes. Similarly, don’t grow the habit of studying by sitting or lying on the bed.
  • Try to keep your cell-phone or mobile switched off when studying. If you keep your cell phone in silence or vibration mode, check it after you complete your task.
  • Don’t sit before the television; avoid watching many programs on TV. You can watch one or two educational programs. If a completely soundless environment makes you feel uneasy, you can hear some fast-paced music in low volume while you study. But if the music tends to be disturbing, turn it off.
  • There should be sufficient light in your study room. Light increases the concentration in study.
  • Take everything that you will need before you sit on your chair to study so that you don’t have to leave your desk frequently, it will distract your mind.
  • If any of your room mates or family members is distracting your mind. Adopt techniques to avoid him or her.
  • Choose a place to study where many people are studying and the environment for studying is perfect. For example: library, seminar room, reading hall, etc. You will be able to concentrate more on these kind places.

Thanks a lot for reading my post.

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