Collection of Positive Attitude Quotes – Part 14


This is the 14th post about positive attitude quotes collection from the autosuggestions collection of Mahajataq, the pioneer of Quantum Method meditation course in Bangladesh. I am going to post another six (total twenty) post of positive attitude quotes in this blog.

  • When I give someone a responsibility I also give him the necessary authority.
  • I will control my hunger and anger easily with the Quanta sound or sign. Whatever I study using the Quanta sign will be imprinted on my mind for ever. I will be able to recall it easily and present it attractively in speaking and writing.
  • I am breaking free of the false beliefs and narrow habits of my forefathers. I will be immortal.
  • In prayer we speak to God and in golden silence we listen to him. I will regularly observe golden silence.
  • Not those who follow trends, but those who set new enlightened ones are the saviors. I will not run with the herd. My spirit and my ideals will guide me.
  • I will give advice only when it is truly sought.
  • Instead of being held captive by guilt, I will learn from my mistakes and move on.
  • I know every natural occurrence has a reason. So I can accept good and bad news with equal ease.
  • Silent and secret charity is the best kind of charity. I will use the Charity Bank for donating silently and secretly.
  • Isolation increases vulnerability and togetherness builds strength. I will always be with the sangha (association of good people).
  • I will not get carried away with my attraction for the opposite sex. I will interact with the opposite sex with dignity and decency.
  • I will marry someone who I can trust and respect, who will be my side through the ups and downs of life.
  • The greater the pretense and extravagance involved in the wedding, the less happy the marriage. I will not turn my wedding into a spending spree.
  • Looks are appreciated for some time but good qualities are appreciated forever. I am developing good qualities. I will be appreciated wherever I go.
  • We have a monchhobi (vision) of a happy family. Our monchhobi will give us the strength to overcome all adversities.
  • The validity of a contract always depends on the honesty and faithfulness of those involved. Marriage is a contract. I will be honest and open in all discussions related to marriage.
  • In choosing my future companion I will value character above beauty, education, wealth or family background. I will be happy.
  • I won’t be overly suspicious or critical of my spouse. I will discuss his/her faults kindly and sensitively when the time is right.
  • True love is the life force of all relationships. Love does not judge, but tries to understand; does not impose, but shares. I will be truly loving.
  • I am developing the habit of eating and sleeping at the same time every day.
  • I am completely faithful to my spouse. With respect, love and affection I am making his/ her life blissful.
  • No matter how busy I am I will save one day a week for my family.
  • Those who are good to their family are truly good human beings. I will be good to my family.
  • We will never involve any third party in conjugal matters. We will resolve our misunderstandings by communicating directly with each other.
  • I openly appreciate my husband/wife’s good qualities. I value his/ her contribution to the family.
  • I will emphasize my husband/wife’s strengths. This will inspire him/her to overcome his/ her weaknesses.
  • I will raise awareness against wastage of waster, gas, electricity and other things in my family.
  • I won’t view my relationships through rose-tinted glasses. All my relationships will be grounded in reality.
  • Every child is unique. Instead of comparing one child with another I will appreciate their uniqueness.
  • We will take family decisions based on mutual discussion.
  • Phone calls, chatting, TV, internet, computer games, trashy books and bad company may lead my child astray. So I will always give him enough of my time.
  • I will always make sure my child is not subject to drugs or depravity in the name of entertainment or friendship.
  • I will be my child’s best friend.
  • Instead of portraying my child’s mistakes as a crime or a sin, I will simply guide him towards the right path. This will accelerate his spontaneous development.
  • I will include my child in discussions about age-appropriate issues.
  • I will give my child an accurate picture of our financial condition from an early age.
  • I will be my child’s role model. I will nurture him with love and right attitude.
  • The mind is the best doctor and the body the best pharmacy. It creates the exact amount of medicine it needs. And this medicine does not have any side effects. I will use this power of my mind to attain good health.
  • At the Quantum level our body is a silent flow of information. This wave of information is recreating our body every second. I will modify this information to attain good health.
  • Health is not merely the absence of disease. Health is an internal feeling of well being which makes every moment joyful. I am attaining true health.
  • I will give love and attention to every cell, tissue and organ in my body. The body’s natural healing process will be activated.
  • A tranquil mind is a good healer. I will keep my mind calm and tranquil and my body will follow.
  • My mind is a reservoir of joy and energy. The joy in my mind will wash away the disease from my body.
  • A healthy and happy person never lives in the past or the future. He always lives in the present. I too will live in the present.
  • All chronic diseases are the manifestation of a life devoid of compassion and spirituality. Positive attitude creates harmony between mind and body and heals diseases. I will nurture a positive attitude.
  • My disease is a small isolated island in an ocean of health. There is no disease from which no one has ever recovered. I will also recover.
  • If I live to eat, food will bring me death, but if I eat to live food will bring me health. I will eat to live.
  • In order to lose weight I will happily give up junk food and sugary desserts.
  • Whenever I get the chance I will drink coconut juice or lemon water.
  • I will eat leafy and fibrous vegetables and drink at least 8 glasses or 1.5 liters of water every day. This will help my excretory system work properly.

Thanks a lot for reading this.

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