Guided Imagery or Goal Visualization or Monchhobi


Birds start flying from his nest in the morning and in the evening a bird reaches its destination or come back to its own home by flying on its wings. You can also reach the root of your success by flapping the wings of your visualization (monochobi)! The word Monchobi (in bangla) which is called Goal Visualization or Guided Imagery in Quantum Method meditation. Shahid El Bukharu Mahajataq is the pioneer of this famous meditation technique Quantum Method in Bangladesh.

In 17th December of 1903, at 10’o clock in the morning. For the very first time in history of mankind, humans flew in the sky by using a power driven vehicle which was heavier than air- something that was thought to be an impossible imagination for thousands of years. And this was accomplished by two brothers- Wilbur Wright and Orville Wright.

Surprisingly, they were not any scientists, they were only bicycle mechanic maintaining their own bicycle repairing store. They didn’t have any higher degrees on mathematics, physics or aeronautical engineering from any university. They even did not complete their graduate from a high school or college. How did the two bicycle mechanics of Dayton City attain this impossible thing? Visualization (monochhobi) is the one word that could be appropriate for the answer of this question.

The two brothers Wilbur Wright and Orville Wright got this idea when their father brought a flying toy for them. Then, after years of research, hard work, and failure they achieved their success. They were able to fly on the sky for the first time just only for 12 twelve seconds.

Next time when you ride on an airplane or watch one flying over your head, just try to feel, how simple that idea was from which this reality originated. That is because anything that our mind can imagine and believe, it achieves that eventually. Here lies the power of Guided Imagery / Goal Visualization (monochhobi) behind the success.

Have you already decided yet what you want to be in your life ?

Have you decided the grades that you want to earn in your next exam ?

Have you decided the university where you will get admitted after your Higher Secondary examination ?

If your answer is NO, then think about your future Goal today. Behind every successful creation of human there must be a Dream. If you don’t have any dream than it will be not easier for you to achieve your goal. Increasing your Visualizing power will definitely help you to reach your goal.

Dear Readers,
I am going to post some article about this topic: Guided Imagery / Goal Visualization / Monchoobi in this blog.

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