Collection of Positive Attitude Quotes – Part 15


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This is the 15th no of post about collection of Positive Attitude Quotes.

  • Seasonal fruits help prevent seasonal diseases. I will eat seasonal fruits regularly.
  • I will try to give up spicy, oily and fried food.
  • Whenever I get the chance I will breathe fully with my chest expanded. All my fatigue and lethargy will go away.
  • Whenever I get the chance I will practice walking pranayama. As I walk I will take fewer steps to inhale than I do to exhale.
  • I will give my domestic staff the same quality food that I have.
  • As a family we will have at least one meal together every day.
  • I will replace refined sugar with molasses or brown sugar and white-bread with brown-bread. I will live a healthy life.
  • I will avoid taking milk with my tea. Whenever possible I will drink green tea.
  • Magnetized water is the queen of all drinks. I will drink magnetized water regularly.
  • I will walk as much as I can. Whenever possible I will walk to my destination.
  • When I am taking a shower or a bath, I will keep the temperature of the water cooler than my body temperature. This will strengthen my immune system.
  • Drugs are deadly. I will not hesitate to cut off relations with drug addicts.
  • I will practice relaxation in between my work if I can. All my tiredness will dissolve in mindfulness. I will go back to my work refreshed and energized.
  • Excessive use of cell phones can cause brain cancer. I will use cell phones only when necessary.
  • I will try to identify the mental causes of the disease. This will help eliminate the physical causes.
  • Laughter stimulates natural breathing, helps relieve muscle pain, lowers blood pressure, and accelerates healing. I will laugh as often as I can.
  • For healthy and sparkling eyes I will splash warm and cool water on my eyes alternatively after I get up in the morning and before I go to bed at night.
  • My senses are sharper, my skin more radiant and my immune system more powerful. My heart, lungs, liver, kidney, stomach and pancreas are all functioning perfectly. I am beautiful, healthy and lively.
  • Anger, jealousy, hatred and backbiting create toxins in the body. Love and forgiveness wash away the toxins and generate a new vibration of well being. I will inundate myself with love and forgiveness.
  • Scenes that excite the nerves get imprinted on our mind and cause complications such as anxiety, insomnia, nightmares and heart attacks. I will consciously refrain from watching movies and TV serials containing horror, sex and violence.
  • For any serious medical problem I will consult at least three experts. I will go to doctors who give more time and attention, and less medicine.
  • Soft drinks are harmful for the kidneys. I will refrain from drinking or serving soft drinks.
  • An overly suspicious nature is an indication of mental imbalance. I will refrain from excessive suspicion.
  • Crying is a natural process for relieving sadness and depression. At the appropriate time and place I will let myself cry.
  • Every human being has the innate ability to stay healthy. Health is normal and disease is an aberration. I will stay healthy naturally.
  • Instead of unconsciously causing disease through worry I will consciously create health through positive thinking.
  • To know how my body will be tomorrow I will pay attention to my thoughts today.
  • I will practice the lion pose regularly to make my voice attractive and powerful.
  • I will practice Pranayama (deep breathing) regularly. I will be more active and energetic.
  • Relaxation relieves pain and Monchhobi (vision) of health accelerates healing. To restore my health I will practice the healing meditation twice everyday.
  • My digestive system is becoming stronger every day. I relish everything I eat and I digest it perfectly.
  • The darkness of depression is only for the weak. Those with faith and conviction live in a joyful world. I have faith.
  • My brain and nervous system will always be tranquil, alert and alive. I will live long, happy and strong. I will develop my wisdom and intuition. I will realize my infinite potential fully. I will be truly enlightened.
  • My health can be measured not by the size of my muscles but by the level of my energy. My energy level is increasing day by day.
  • There is no such thing as the ideal physique. My body is unique. I will not make desperate efforts to attain an ‘ideal’ shape, size or weight.
  • Dirtiness is an impurity of the body. I will take special care of my skin, hair and nails at least once a week.
  • I know that small everyday accomplishments lay the foundation for great achievements. I will try my best to reach my goals everyday.
  • A ‘me first’ attitude turns life into a tiring burden. Empathy and service bring joy and vibrancy to life. I will choose the path of service.
  • I have all the necessary qualities to be the top student in my class. I will always have confidence in my talent and abilities.
  • I will take steps to acquire practical knowledge in addition to theoretical knowledge.
  • Being first in class will help me be first in life. I will be first in my class.
  • In addition to having a monchhobi (vision) of good results, I will also have a clear monchhobi for a successful life.
  • Regular donation to charity drives away all fear. I will donate regularly.
  • Prayer heals. Heartfelt prayer helps the power of consciousness flow outward. I will pray regularly for the health and healing of myself and others.
  • The primary reason for failure is neither lack of abilities nor lack of opportunities, but lack of initiative. I will take initiative and attain success.
  • I will be Jack of all trades and master of one!
  • In deciding what to study I will be guided by my own aptitude and interest, not trends or impulses.
  • I will engage in healthy competition but never get jealous. I will congratulate my opponents on their victory in academics or sports.
  • My memory is getting sharper every day.
  • I am maintaining good relations with my teachers. I have more interest in my studies and as a result I can concentrate better in it.


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