Is Love Obsession a Mental Disease ?


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How are you? I am back again, after a short break.

I read an article today about the topic I’ve already told you in the title of this post and I am going to share with you some parts of the article.

At present days, it is quite normal and natural, for a teenager, to have attraction towards his / her opposite sex. But this affinity, if not controlled, can stand strongly as an obstacle in the path of numerous possibilities in life. There are lots of and endless examples of teenagers, who have taken severe wrong decisions in their life, destroyed their lives with their own hands and invited trouble into their and their family’s lives by getting trapped in this so-called ‘love’.

According to many Psychologists, “Love obsession or love sickness or love mania is another name of a mental disease”. The National Geographic magazine published an article on February, 2006 with the heading ‘love- the chemical reaction’. Professor of Psychology in the Pisa University of Italy, Donatella Marazziti, along with her colleagues, ran a survey among twenty-four men and women. After the experiment he found:

  • Within last six months, all of them have fallen in love and they have spent at least four hours with their partners, physically present with them, or only by thinking about them.
  • Marazziti selected two more groups to compare with their subjects. One group was suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) while the other group was free of both the diseases. Neither had they fallen in love, nor were they mentally sick.
  • In the experiment, it was seen that the serotonin level of brains of both the mentally sick people and the subjects in love was 40% less than normal.
  • Serotonin is a neurotransmitter in the brain and a decrease in its level in the brain results in depression, short-temper, anger and OCD-like diseases.

Recent research says that same things happen when anyone fall in love. Thus, logically, it can be said that a person loses his mental balance when he falls in love. He loses his sense of judgment and jumps with his blind emotions into wrong decision.

But scientists said, this emotion has a very short life. One who thinks he can’t live without his partner might start thinking after six months that he can’t live with her. Someone who used to get impatient to have a glimpse of his girlfriend half a year back, might find his girlfriend’s face the most intolerable scene today. What is the reason behind this? Scientists said that a neurotransmitter named dopamine plays an important role in this case.

Watching your girlfriend or boyfriend causes stimulation of a specific part of your brain by this dopamine. This may result in tremendous pleasure, unbelievable life force, deep concentration and limitless inspiration. That is why those who have newly fallen in love tend to show a careless, stubborn, and daring attitude. They will leave their home, leave their position, give their life, but they will not leave their love- such stubbornness is seen in them. Scientists say, drug addiction is very similar to this state.

Day by day, drug consumption of drug-addicts continues to increase around the Globe. That is because, whatever the amount of drug consumption is, brain gets accustomed to it. Thus addiction cannot be satisfied unless the consumption is increased. Same goes for ‘love’. Excessive intense emotions cannot be held for long unless there are new excitements to approach. But this is not possible in the real life. So the colorful glasses of emotions easily get blurred.

Actually, the adjectives like ‘heavenly’ and ‘sacred’ are added before the word ‘love’ just to protect the hierarchy of men and women’s physical needs which has been clarified by the words of scientists. Research has shown that in case of mutual attraction, a man or a woman likes such a partner in their subconscious state, who can give him/her a healthy child.

It has been seen in a survey that the structure of the waist and hips of a woman and the tall, broad and hard structure of a man (that indicates the level of testosterone secretion) indicates how attractive he or she is. Both these qualities of men and women directly influence their ability to give birth to a child.

Therefore, scientists suggest that instead of giving so much attention to this obsession of love; treat this like a biochemical reaction in your brain. Then, at least, you can save yourself from this misery.

What do you think readers?


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