Collection of Positive Attitude Quotes – Part 16


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This is the post number 16 about Positive Attitude Quotes collection.

  • As a student I will never jeopardize my own success in trying to help others. I will be better able to help when I am successful.
  • I don’t need any relationships that will hinder my success. I will avoid the company of idle, pessimistic, bad-mannered and aimless classmates.
  • I can comprehend and remember whatever I read. I am able to present it well both in speaking and writing whenever I need.
  • I will learn to be self reliant from student life. I will make an effort to earn my own pocket money.
  • Whenever I get the opportunity, I will read classic literature, inspiring biographies, or other books that will help me develop. I will never read anything harmful or confusing.
  • Instead of being stubborn or irrational, I will help my guardians understand my point of view with sincerity and respect.
  • Crushes, gossiping and bad company will destroy my chances of success in student life. I will devote my attention to my studies instead.
  • Being friendly and being friends is not the same. I will be friendly with everyone. But I will only be friends with those who share my goals and ideals.
  • I will protect myself from being drawn into the destructive cycle of gossiping and wasting time in the name of group study.
  • I will be friends with those who are healthy, meritorious, kind and amiable. They will be my source of knowledge, joy and inspiration.
  • While the losers complain the winners find solutions with courage, intelligence and effort. I will prove myself a winner.
  • I am practical and proactive. From the ashes of my failure I will seek out the gold of new possibilities.
  • I will view everything with a curious and open mind. I will learn useful lessons even from ordinary everyday things. I will be the true student.
  • I will use television not just as a source of entertainment but also as a source of information. I will plan what I will watch and when.
  • I will start everyday in a planned way. This will bring a nice rhythm to the rest of the day.
  • A good student is not just someone with good results, but someone who is versatile, skillful, and vibrant with ethical and humane qualities. He is the center of attraction, trusted and relied upon by everyone. I will be a good student.
  • I have control over my impulses. I can easily say ‘no’ to TV, cell phone, games or any other addiction.
  • Our level of concentration is determined by our level of interest. Every day, at the meditative level, I will tell my mind why I need to study.
  • I will break up big assignments into small chunks. This will help me avoid procrastination.
  • I decide my daily schedule based on my priorities. Every moment I can choose what to do first from thousands of alternatives.
  • Anger, resentment and bitterness harm me more than they harm others. I will not harbor these negative emotions.
  • I know the calmer and more tranquil my mind is, the easier it will be to absorb and retain information. Meditation will help my mind be tranquil. I will meditate regularly.
  • I will judge my progress not by how long I studied but by how much I actually learned.
  • I will be at the peak of my mental ability in the examination hall. I will write the answer to each question quickly and accurately.
  • I will face the viva board with courage, spontaneity and self assurance. I will answer each question clearly, accurately and politely. I will impress the board members with my natural and intelligent performance.
  • Success is not an isolated achievement. Success is a mental state where the combination of faith and ability makes everything possible. I will proceed on the path of success.
  • To me exams are an enjoyable opportunity. By proving myself in successive exams I will progress towards being first in life.
  • I have done my best to prepare well for this exam. I have learned everything thoroughly. I will certainly excel.
  • I will take complete responsibility for my results. I will identify my mistakes and make sure I don’t repeat them in the future.
  • I am practicing monchhobi (goal visualization), praying and donating to achieve the desired results. My results will be excellent.
  • My brain is a unique biological super computer. It will be my most trusted aid in my quest for success.
  • I am a student. I am a seeker of truth. I was born to do something great. I will meditate regularly. I will concentrate on my studies, follow my routine and use my time and talent in a worthwhile way. Success will be mine.
  • A desirable profession is one where I can use my talent and labor to provide the best possible service. I will develop my talent in a desirable profession.
  • I always follow the do’s and do-not’s of my workplace.
  • Not looks or background, but skill and expertise will be the foundation of my professional advancement.
  • My career goal is big. But I will start my journey with a small step if I need to.
  • I am always optimistic about the prospect of employment. If necessary, I will change my job search process and come up with a different plan.
  • Talent blossoms fully in independent professions. I will encourage my child to choose an independent profession.
  • I will combine integrity and expertise to provide the best possible service. My career will be an inspiring example to others.
  • As a boss I will remain unaffected by flattery and finger-pointing.
  • To potential employers, I will present myself as someone who has the ability to fulfill the needs of the organization.
  • I know that in a job, the boss is always right. I will support my boss in everything except ethical violations.
  • Relevant practical knowledge brings professional success. I will make an effort to improve the skills and abilities associated with my job.
  • I will show sincere loyalty and devotion to my superiors. In return I will earn the loyalty of my colleagues and subordinates.
  • In matters of obedience and accountability I will follow the official hierarchy.
  • I will try to attain the qualities of a background (not necessarily nominal) leader.
  • I am adept in languages and technology. I am always ready to learn new languages and technical skills.
  • I will work not just for my own comfort and luxury, but to serve others. I will be immortal.
  • Honest and sincere work brings recognition. I will always be sincere in my work.
  • My employer isn’t doing me a favor. He is compensating me for my talent and labor. I will work where my effort is justly rewarded.

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