I Don’t Like Studying !


I don’t like studying!
Likes lots of other students, I also had the same attitude about study when I was a student. But now the attitude has changed a lot but I am not a student now.

If you don’t like studying, you probably don’t really understand WHY you need to study. You are studying because your parents or your teachers tell you to do so, not because you realize that studying and doing well in exams can make your life much, much easier and better.

If you think you need to study only to make pleasure for your parents and teachers, you will never enjoy it. But if you really know why you need to do well in your study, you will have the motivation to work hard for it.

The truth is, a good student get a kind of acceptance and recognition that is hard for others to get. He / She get special attention from parents, teacher and everyone. Parents and teachers let them do things that they don’t let others.

For example, imagine your brother is a good student and you are not. You want to go to a movie. As soon as you ask your parents for permission, they will start yelling at you:
‘What? If have only a month to go before your exams and you want to watch a movie? How dare you?

Go to your room and finish your math syllabus by tomorrow.’ Half an hour later, your brother doesn’t even ask, he just casually informs your parents that he is going on a trip to India with his friend. Even though his exam will come before yours, they agree with a big smile, because this is their ‘good son’, the ‘serious student.’

When your relatives come to visit, your parents keep on praising your brother, telling them about all the prizes he has got. Then you pass by, and they start complaining. ‘He is so naughty, I don’t know want to do with him’ etc.

In school, everyone knows your brother. When you tell someone you are your brother’s brother, they say, ‘what you are the great X’s brother? Why didn’t you tell us before?’ All the teachers know your brother’s name, and none of them can remember yours even though you have told them five times. Your only identity is your brother’s brother.

Just imagine, won’t you like to be treated like your imaginary brother? Won’t it make your life much easier? Especially since doing well in studies will help you be one step ahead in the competition in education and career. Not only that, the knowledge and self discipline you need to be first in class will also help you become first in life.

So whenever you don’t feel like studying, just think of all this. Gradually, you will begin to like studying.


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