Positive Attitude Quotes Collection – Part 17


Positive Attitude Quotes, post no 17, from the Collection of Positive Auto-Suggestions of Mahajataq.

  • I respect my profession. In return I will get honor and respect as a professional.
  • Complimenting is not the same as flattery or subservience. I will not hesitate to pay honest compliments to my boss and colleagues.
  • I am nurturing the mindset of a manager, not a clerk.
  • I do not take professional differences personally.
  • I am learning the art of collective action. Other people’s strengths will help overcome my weaknesses.
  • I will be involved with charities. They will help me expand my network and open the door to new opportunities.
  • I am successfully balancing my work and family life.
  • I come to office on time and leave after my boss leaves. My advancement is guaranteed.
  • I won’t bring my work home or my home to work. I will leave professional concerns in the office and personal concerns at home. I will be happy and successful.
  • I am loyal to my work. My work is my first love.
  • I am learning how to work independently without supervision.
  • As long as I am working for an organization, I will protect its interests.
  • Instead of complaining about colleagues who are lacking in skill or experience, I will help them develop.
  • I will regard my colleagues as my associates, my boss as my guardian and myself as my competitor. Healthy competition will accelerate my development.
  • The combination of skill, intelligence, hard work, and loyal devotion will make me successful in my work.
  • With love and attention one’s work can turn into one’s source of joy. My work will be the joy of my life.
  • I am learning to distinguish between personal and professional relationships. I will maintain official relationships for official purposes.
  • I will be grateful to my organization. According to natural law even if I am not evaluated fairly here I will be rewarded elsewhere.
  • I will address everyone respectfully.
  • I will not make negative or discouraging comments even when my colleague’s or subordinate’s work is unsatisfactory.
  • I am always ready to take responsibility. The more responsibility I will take the higher I will rise.
  • If a subordinate makes a mistake instead of scolding him publicly I will talk to him in private and give him a chance to correct himself.
  • I will pay employee wages as soon as the work is done.
  • I let the other person finish before I start talking.
  • If some pressing reason prevents me from speaking the truth I will remain silent. But I will never lie.
  • I won’t be afraid of what people might say. I will happily attend functions without any gifts. My sincere prayer for the host will be the best gift.
  • I will introduce myself to strangers on my own initiative.
  • As a guest I will respect my boundaries. I will not express any curiosity about the host’s private matters.
  • I take time, place and person into account when speaking or acting. I always follow the norms and decorum of my environment.
  • I discuss professional matters with only those who are directly involved.
  • I never answer a question addressed to someone else without permission.
  • I will take proper care of my personal objects.
  • I will request my guests not to bring any gifts to social or family functions.
  • I will be kind towards my domestic staff. I will not torment them with harsh behavior or excessive work. God will reward me.
  • I will never make unnecessary and indecent jokes just to prove that I have a sense of humor.
  • I will not talk to or spend time with only those I know well. I will get acquainted and interact with others as well.
  • I will never do anything unnatural to seek attention.
  • I will be present in my workplace five minutes before the designated time.
  • I will listen to the speakers attentively. I will not make any comment or ask any question in the middle of a speech.
  • If my conscience is clear no scandal can defile me. I will always be faithful to my conscience.
  • If I do not know something I will learn about it from someone who does without any hesitation.
  • I will take care of my rented home as if it were my own.
  • I will refrain from seeking the advice of doctors or other professionals unless they are in their chambers.
  • I will always protect institutional secrets.
  • I will never bother others for small personal tasks I can do myself.
  • I am prompt in replying to e-mail, SMS and letters.
  • I will speak but avoid being a chatter box.
  • I will be absolutely certain before I lodge a complaint against someone.
  • I will consciously avoid touching, moving or using other people’s possessions without permission.
  • I won’t even open, let alone read other people’s letters, diaries or SMS’s without permission.

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