10 TIPS to Think like a Good Student !


The primary difference between a good student and a bad student is in how they THINK. If you want to do well, you have to do something, you need to say goodbye to your negative beliefs, thoughts etc and nurture positive ones.

Thinking positive is very important to become a good student. If you think that you can’t do, it won’t happen but if you think that you can be the first boy in the class, definitely you will. Here are a few examples of the kind of positive thinking that needs to be changed, read these daily, write those in front of your reading table, there are lots of these kind of positive thinking:

  • Instead of thinking ‘I got poor grades. I am worthless’, always think ‘Failure is the pillar of success.’
  • Instead of thinking ‘You need to be a genius to do well in exams. I’m not a genius, I’m just an average student !’, think ‘The tortoise is better than the rabbit’.
  • Instead of thinking ‘I can’t concentrate in my studies! I can’t remember anything I read! How will I ever do well?’ think of how you can improve your concentration.
  • Instead of thinking ‘Papa says I’m an idiot. He’s probably right.’ have confidence in yourself. Improve your confidence with autosuggestions and meditation.
  • Instead of thinking ‘My teacher says I’m a slacker. He’s right. I AM a slacker’, think of how you can become more active.
  • Instead of thinking ‘Why should I work so hard for good result? What will I get in return?’ think of all the ways doing well in your studies will help you.
  • Instead of thinking ‘I couldn’t get admission in engineering school / medical school /… university. I’m such a loser’, always think ‘If I can be first in my subject, nobody will think I am a loser’.
  • Instead of thinking ‘It’s impossible to get an A or first class in this subject’, think ‘I will be the first to get an A in this subject’.
  • Instead of thinking ‘I have so many problems and obstacles. How can I ever do well? ‘Know that obstacles are necessary for development and think how of how you can turn your problems into opportunities.
  • Instead of thinking ‘I studied so hard but still couldn’t do well. I have got such bad luck!’ find out why you didn’t do well.

There are lots of positive attitude quotes in this blog; all of these are positive autosuggestions. These could also help you a lot.


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