Be Reponsible for your Own Health


Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said that sound health is the greatest gift from Allah for the mankind. We know sound health is the first pillar to a peaceful life. And serenity is the most important constituent for a good health. For a sound health and mind, the appropriate concept about and the right attitude to life is the most important. The right attitude to life can help you dip into the ocean of peace and health.

To get rid of diseases, the first initiative you need to take is to change your attitude. Statistics show that the reason behind 70% disease is psychological. That is to say, your psychological reaction due to some incident causes almost 70% of the diseases. 20% diseases are caused due to infection, viral attack, making a wrong choice of food and lack of exercise. Physical injury and the side-effect of medicine or operation cause only 10% of the diseases. That means you can heal 70% of your diseases taking in an appropriate attitude towards life. The appropriate attitude towards life plays a very important role in healing beside medicine and surgery.

The limitations of the Western Medical Science:
Western Medical Science is mainly dependent on medicine, chemistry and operations which is now-a-days considered as the most modern and up-to-date treatment. Dr. Deepak Chopra, the originator of Quantum Healing, which created a ripple of excitement in the crowd, said that the American patients are the victims of a destructive mechanical treatment methodology.

This involuntary motorized system of treatment is responsible for 66% death in America every year. It has been said in an article in one American journal that this mechanical, chemistry-based treatment has now become very expensive. ‘The system of treatment’ is now a ‘business of treatment’ or ‘a market of treatment’. This business is manipulated by some insurance company, pharmaceuticals and the factory owners of the medicine technology. As a result, not only the patients are adversative about the system, but many doctors as well.

According to Dr. John Robins, the misconception of the patients about this science is also responsible for this situation. He says that patients think that health and healing lies in the hands of doctors, drug stores and hospitals. Doctors will cure them with some magical tablet, capsule or injection. In this respect, patients go on changing doctors after doctors and medicine after medicine but fail to be healed and cured. The power of healing disease lies in the patient, says Dr. John Robins. A doctor is nothing but a support.

Take Your Own Responsibility:
The inventors of the new treatment methodology Dr. Dean Ornish, Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Larry Dossi, Dr. John Robins, Dr. Bernie Sigel, Dr. Christian Nothtrope, Dr. Herbert Benson, Dr. Joan Robisenco, Dr. Andrew Wales, Dr. Edward Taob and Dr. Samuels etc expressed their opinion in the cover story of the special edition, 1997 on ‘health in twenty first century’  in the magazine “Body, Mind, Spirit” that you have to take the responsibility of your own health if you want to stay fine.

To heal one is a part of one’s immune response. With your immune response, when you can combine your faith, 90% expenditure of the modern treatment system will become unnecessary. Because changing your life-style by changing your attitude is much less expensive than by-pass surgery, angioplasty or taking in medicine the whole life to keep cholesterol in control.

Dr. Herbert Benson says, a man can acquire knowledge on relaxation, meditation, exercise and nutrition by himself and apply the learning in his life. In the present world where people are mostly dependent on medicine and surgery, we have to inspire them to depend on themselves. To live a healthy life there is no substitute for being the follower of the new treatment methodology.  You have to take the responsibility of your own health and healing. Doctors, medicine, surgery all will be nothing but your supporting power only.

Regular Prayer for Health and Healing:
Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said that every disease has a remedy. He emphasized on the importance of prayer beside medicine to heal own-self and others. Therefore for sound health and healing of himself and others, for the change in attitude and styles of life, He always prayed to the Almighty. About the importance of prayer, Dr. Larry Dossi commented that prayer and science are not two different things. He has quoted reports on many research based on the role and effectiveness of healing-prayer in his recent book “Prayer is a Good Medicine”.

These reports show that the rate of healing among those heart-patients for whom prayer had been held is far better than those who had never been prayed for. He says that prayer leads your spiritual power beyond body. Earlier we did not agree that our thoughts and ideas can work beyond our brain and body. But the effectiveness of prayer for others is now a proven fact. There are many examples in this case. It is a wonderful addition with modern medical science. 11 renowned Universities in U.S.A. have already started the course of applying spiritual power in healing.


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