Collection of Positive Attitude Quotes – Part 18


Collection of Positive Attitude Quotes – part 18, from the Positive Auto-Suggestion Collection by Mahajataq.

  • I will preserve others’ possessions with care. I will return things in the same condition I received them.
  • I never play music or television so loudly that it disturbs the neighbors.
  • I will ask for permission before I enter someone’s room and walk in with polite confidence.
  • I will use stairs or elevators as quietly as possible.
  • I will turn my cell phone off during any formal program.
  • I will use bathrooms and toilets in such a way that others find them usable.
  • I will ask for permission before I use someone’s personal toilet.
  • I will use public toilets as quickly as possible so that others have a chance to use them as well.
  • After I use any tools and utensils I will put them back in their proper place.
  • I will never embarrass a patient by asking him unnecessary questions about his disease.
  • I will consciously refrain from joking about anyone’s physical defects or deformities.
  • When counseling someone I will base my assessment on their words and not preconceived ideas. In giving advice I will take their level of interest into account.
  • I will never violate anyone’s trust. I won’t disclose any information about those I counsel without their prior permission.
  • I will donate blood on my birthday. Saving four lives will be the best birthday present.
  • During speeches I will avoid making any noise, gesture or activity that may disturb other people.
  • If I don’t know the answer to a question I will admit it without hesitation. I will never give a made up answer.
  • I will disclose my personal problems only to someone who I trust and who can provide a solution.
  • I will encourage any positive and appealing statement with applause.
  • Only fools repeat the same mistakes over and over again. I am intelligent. I am learning from my mistakes.
  • I am my own mirror. I see myself not as others see me, but as I see myself. I am never bothered by how others perceive me.
  • Monchhobi (vision) hits its target like a guided missile. My monchhobi will be my driving force.
  • I will make my 19th birthday memorable with my first blood donation. Four lives will be saved because of me.
  • Talent blossoms through joyful work. I will always work joyfully.
  • A gift is something that is given gladly and willingly, without expecting anything in return. I will never expect anything in return for a gift.
  • The distraught do not listen to the counsel of the wise. They are swayed by the impossible promises of the deceivers, the scams of the swindlers and the threats of the oppressors. They are trapped in an endless cycle of distress and deprivation. I will listen to the wise. I will be free.
  • Youth is the best time for service. I will start serving as early as I can.
  • I will engage in financial transactions only after I am certain about the other party’s honesty and dependability.
  • Consumer loans are a death trap. I will avoid this trap. I will spend according to my income.
  • I will say ‘no’ to cigarettes, soft drinks, energy drinks and drugs.
  • I will be kind towards animals. I will try to lessen their pain and ease their burden.
  • Fools repeat the same mistake again and again. Intelligent people learn from their first mistake. I will follow the path of the intelligent.
  • I will seek advice from experts and well wishers before I begin a work.
  • ‘What if’s and ‘if only shut the door to life’s possibilities. I will not waste time in these useless considerations.
  • Togetherness transforms strength into super strength. I am together with those on the right path. Success will be mine.
  • Gratitude is the source of contentment. I am grateful for everything I have. I will always be peaceful and content.
  • Whoever was born must die. Even in the face of death my faith will be unshakeable.
  • Instead of pampering my child I will nurture him with a balance of affection and discipline.
  • I have the right to a debt-free solvent life. I will establish this right.
  • The greed for easy money leads us into deception. I only desire the fruits of my own labor.
  • I will never miss an opportunity to help someone become self reliant.
  • I will meditate and seek knowledge. I will attain wisdom and intuition. My knowledge and wisdom will be reflected in everything I do.
  • Real strength is born in deep silence. In silence the healing process becomes more potent and powerful. I will attain health and well-being by observing silence regularly.
  • Discipline is the sign of the mastermind. I will be disciplined in everything I do.
  • All of us, irrespective of religion, caste or creed are becoming proactive, virtuous, tolerant, generous, compassionate, creative, punctual and adept in science and technology. We will become one of the top ten nations in the world.
  • Useless questions give birth to doubts and confusion. I will refrain from asking unnecessary questions.
  • I will start my life from the ground zero of the present. The correct strategy will help me transform every shortcoming into an asset.
  • During group meditation our minds merge into one. Whenever I get the chance I will take part in group meditation.
  • In case of any misunderstanding I will look for my own mistakes. If necessary I will change my behavior.
  • The inability to accept something new saying ‘this is the way it is’ is the expression of a closed mind. My mind is open. I will accept or reject something new based on its own validity.
  • I am always willing to consider the other person’s point of view. Any misunderstanding will be resolved quickly.


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