The Easy Way to Success


To be successful, you have to identify yourself with success. This is the easiest way to success. The law of e nature is that if you can use the power of your mind properly, the mind will take you to the desired object. If you can understand this law of nature, if you can use it appropriately; the pace and suddenness of your progress will be astonishing. An invisible power leads us to the way to success. The necessary undivided attention for success is created.  Success becomes obvious.

To attract this spontaneous success, the mind-image plays the most important role. Mind-image is the creative imagination of a person, complete faith attached to it. Actually, mind-image creates success, not will power. Will power is the way to implement one’s decision. It is a conscious power to control one’s thought and effort in a specific way to implement the decision. However, will power does not go too far without this mind-image. In fact, sub-conscious mind strengthens one’s will power, with a specific goal ahead. This sub-conscious mind gains its irresistible power from the mind-image.

Therefore, mind-image is the first requirement for success. That means you have to make a clear and definite conception about the goal you want to achieve and put complete trust in it. You have to unite yourself entirely with your goal. You have to keep the goal ignited in your heart all the time. We have to fuse all our imagination, thought and emotion with the goal together, that is, identify own self with success mentally.

The next step is to prepare own self. That is, you have to be prepared to transform yourself into a weapon of success to attain the appropriateness to achieve success.  You need to take the necessary measures to make you qualified to attain what you want. Use your will power to do the necessary tasks and give concentration.

However distant or difficult your mind – image might be, if you can prepare your mind for the goal and devote successful effort for it, success will be yours. You will be bloomed gradually according to the natural law of success.

The flower of success blooms according to the natural law of success. One-step leads you to the next step. Therefore, you have to start from the pro-active point of view. You have to start from where you are. You will go forward to the final goal of your mind-image step by step. When you accomplish the very first task, your sub-conscious mind will send information and inspiration to your conscious mind about your responsibilities in the next step. However, you will always have to be alert of the mind-image of your final goal, and use every opportunity to attain the necessary quality, experience and competence to reach the goal. The fact is that every successful person in this world has used this natural law, knowingly or unknowingly.

We ourselves create a hindrance on the way to implement the mind-image.  We do not realize the significance of the trivial matters to think of the big, to fix the far-sighted aim.  We do not understand that small bricks make up a building; small springs join the river and reach the vast ocean. If you complete the daily trifle work in time, it will turn into an immense success at the end of the year.

If we look at the year-old banyan tree, its branches-twigs-trunks-roots fascinate us. Think of the seed, which was behind the growth of this giant tree. It was created in many years, from the excrement of a crow that ate the fruit of a banyan tree. Actually, no one is born successful. One reaches the zenith of success systematically, step by step.  Perception is necessary before realism. Faith, undivided attention and determination collaborating with perception make it a success.

Man becomes successful, memorable and venerable in this unique world because man has the great power his mind, of his consciousness. This individual consciousness is a small part of the universal consciousness. As human being is directed by the human consciousness, the same way, the world is run by universal consciousness. When we think of benefaction, benevolence and bliss for others, a greater power joins with our consciousness from the universal consciousness. The universal consciousness, then, becomes our silent partner. The awareness about this law of nature and silent partner can be the strongest foundation of one’s success.

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  1. #1 by Shantanu S Khamkar on June 1, 2013 - 5:45 pm

    really great thoughts.. thank u

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