Proper Utilization of TIME


You need not be an Einstein in order to realize the importance of time. Einstein’s Theory of Relativity does not have much significance in our everyday life. The universal law about time is that every person in the world is allotted the same numbers of hours and minutes every day. You cannot save these hours and minutes, nor can you exchange them with others. Time is too precious. However, this value is different from the value of money. Money can be saved or lent to people. It can also be borrowed if necessary. Nevertheless, you can never lend nor borrow time. The time, once lost, never comes back.

A prime truth about time and money is that both of them are too essential for us. Their necessity is so much that it cannot be met up easily. Usually, we think that it would be better if we had more money. If we could avail ourselves a little more time, the work would be done more perfectly. The lack of sufficient time keeps many works done imperfectly. For the same reason, we cannot enjoy along with the family members properly or cannot meditate to ourselves at times. The frustration for not having enough time is too much in our present generation today.

Consulting a time management specialist about this frustration will make your life so mechanical that you will feel tired. You will be under a mental pressure or stress. The microscopic allocation of personal working hours will only increase your tension. We all know the many different ways of maintaining the strict working schedule. Now we will see how we can fulfill all our necessities. In order to fulfill your own needs, you need to establish your control over time at first.

If you act on the following rules, you can have control over your own time instead of your routine controlling your time.

  • Point out the necessity and fix the priority: The first step for saving time is making a working schedule in order of priority. Thousands of different types of work can be done in every moment. However, deciding which one should be done at this moment is the most important thing.
  • Give up the concept of Superman: We want to do everything perfectly and flawlessly. The urge to do something great creates an immense pressure on our nerves. However, there is a huge difference between wishing to do something and doing it practically. In order to do something great, many trifle matters should be avoided.
  • Get rid of disorder: In order to reduce the mess of work, divide your accumulated tasks into halves. One is the urgent and another, the important. In the urgent group, some trifle things may be added. For instance, Boss will shout or the phone will ring or something like that. It is seen in many cases that we are more concerned about trivial work. Specialist’s advice in such cases is that if more concentration is given to important things, it will give a long-term benefit and time will be saved.
  • Save time for the long-term aim: It always happens that time passes away while doing the urgent tasks. After fulfilling the present necessity, we do not have time to do the far-sighted work.  Spend about half an hour to one-hour everyday in order to accomplish the farsighted aim. In the future, these few minutes will give you great satisfaction.
  • Choose priority using serial number:  Make a list of the things that you need to do. Then give them serial number 1 to 10 based on importance. Number 1 is for the most important and number 10 is for the least important. After that, give number to every subject on the list based on urgency. Number 1 is for the most urgent and number 3 is for less urgent. Next, multiply the two numbers of importance and urgency. The task with the least value is the task, most important and the most urgent.
  • The technique to detect priority: Another important technique to point out priority is to make a list of the work every day. Write down the things you need to do throughout the day. Mark ‘A’ beside the most urgent work. Estimate how much time you may need to complete the task. If you see that all the work together will take you more than eight hours of your day, then cut down few from the list. Try to do all the work chronologically all day long.
  • Be organized while working: Many of us work in an unorganized way. As a result, it takes a lot of time. If the work is done a little more carefully and in an organized way, time and money both can be saved. For arranging the table and reducing workload, send the related files to those subordinates who can carry out the task, writing their names on the top. Keep only the papers on your desk that you will deal with. Do not mess your table with unnecessary papers. Research shows that only 20% to 40% of the papers coming to your table are necessary.  60% of the papers are needless, unnecessary. Only 5% to 10% of the papers that you file up will be of use. So throw away the unnecessary papers without any hesitation.
  • Prevent wastage of time: It is not that we do not have time; actually, it seems to us that we are very busy. However, it is true that a large portion of our valuable time is wasted. A lot of time is wasted without us being aware of it. More than one working-hour may be added if this wasted time can be saved.
  • Uninvited visitors and phones: 50% to 60% time of our day is spent talking to uninvited visitors and gossiping on phones. As soon as this type of visitors enters your office room, stand up from your chair and ask him/ her in a smiling face, “What can I do for you?”, instead of asking, “How are you?”.  In your office, put a clock on the wall so that you can look at it when necessary. See that meetings are not being prolonged unnecessarily.

Do not waste times holding on the phone waiting for the deserving person to be found and receive the call. Rather leave a message that you will ring back at a certain time. If you request someone to ring back, tell him to do it at a specific time. Phone someone at his or her office a little before the lunchtime or just before office closing so that conversation on the phone cannot be prolonged. Sometimes we act little foolish spending too much time in preparation. For instance, drink a cup of coffee for mental preparation before starting a work, or skim through a newspaper before making a phone call. Discard these types of preparation. Start your work straight ahead and do it. After completing the task, award yourself with a cup of tea or coffee.

By taking these simple, little steps, you can save your valuable time and get rid of procrastination. We really do not realize how important time is. It is not only that the modern civilization considers time as important; in the holy Al-Quran it has been clearly stated, “Whosoever is in the heavens and on earth begs of Him (its needs from Him). Every day He is engaged in some affair (such as giving honor or disgrace to some, life or death to some, etc.)! Then which of the blessings of your Lord will you deny?” In fact, wasting time is nothing but staying away from the gift of God.

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