For a Magnetic Personality – Six Steps


We always try to uphold ourselves as more intelligent, more eligible and better than others. The reason is that the present age is an age of race and competition. You will lag behind others if you fail to prove yourself the best. In this attempt sometimes you are successful, getting applause and garland of flowers. So you feel proud and your face glows in pride. However, when you go to bed at night and think alone about yourself, you will admit that there is enough room for developing your own personality. You did not yet utilize many virtues of yours. There are still many strategies that you did not attain and you did not develop much of the area of your merit.

So there is still scope to develop oneself.  We try to develop ourselves every single day and as a result, we are being changed. The aim of this change is always to be a good human being. Every single day we wish to build up a more attractive personality, and more appealing as to cast spell on others.  Getting rid of small mistakes, we can develop an attractive, magnetic personality. For the development of personality, in other words, for self-development, we can take some measures that will transform us into great human beings.

1. Fix your goal:

We always want to do some work. We think that these are the ones to be done. But most of the time they are left undone; they are rather piled up. For example, we want to write letters but we do not write. We wish to lose our weight doing exercise but we leave it for tomorrow. Some important work is always massed around as if they love to remain pending or there is some idleness in us that delays the work. Maybe we are busy or tired, or sometimes do not feel like working. In this case, our main problem is the lack of a definite aim. So we have to select and fix a goal before we start to work.

Aim always gives mental inspiration and strengthens your confidence-level. However, the researchers have observed that if the aim is too flexible, it is never successful. And if the aim is not consistent with the reality, it is not also effective. We sometimes aim for fantasy or impossible things. Sometimes we decide to do some work within a span of time which is practically impossible. The result is that the work is never done. So before you fix your goal, make sure that you have a definite, challenging and realistic aim and objective for yourself. And there is a time limit to reach your target. Only then you can make it happen. If you are dynamic in your work, it will be easier for you to be aim-oriented. A little change in your everyday routine may uplift your spirit to work; for instance, take an alternative route to go to your workplace, be introduced with new people or create something new.

If some work seems to be too monotonous, award yourself for getting it done, with however small the reward may be.

2. Build up a great opinion about yourself:

Whenever you start to like yourself, you become self-confident and innovative. Your face will show your satisfaction, chest uplifted. There would be boldness in your voice. You will find the hindrances of the daily work tolerable. So you have to try to create a good opinion about yourself. Keep your testimonials, recommendation letters, appreciation notes and certificates in a file carefully and safely. When you feel frustrated for some reason, look at these papers. Go through them. You will be recharged again with new inspiration.

Utilize the best of your merit. The more you nurture your virtues, the more you overcome your short-comings. Ponder over your short-comings when you are free.  Don’t spoil your nights worrying about your limitation.

Keep completely away from negative thinking. Think more and more about your power and ability to do a work. If necessary, make a list of the work you can do. Whenever you get the opportunity to appreciate someone, do it. Your appreciation will not only make the person delighted, it will also create a wave of content in yourself. Learn to take risk when necessary. None can achieve anything great without taking risk in cool brain. It is not that you will always win after taking risk; but you surely learn something from it even if you lose.

Present yourself in a new dimension, if necessary. Upgrade your fashion making slight changes in your appearance, moustache, beard or hair-cut. You can do it even wearing a new set of clothes or even using newly polished shoes.

3. Work in time:

Start working with enough time in your hand. Those, who take time to start a work, are, in one sense, too much optimistic. They think that though they have started late, they will be able to finish it in time. They do not understand that others do not like it. Arriving late somewhere creates a negative impact on others’ mind. So, always arrive in time. It is no use changing the time in your watch five minutes ahead. Rather start fifteen minutes earlier than you need to go on foot to reach in time. If you go on vehicles, have thirty minutes extra. Then you can reach in time even if you stuck up in traffic jam.

In order to save time, sleep one hour less than you usually do on working days. If you can save one hour from sleep from every week day, you will see that you have got an extra month at the end of the year. Using this extra working month you will be able to finish many of your incomplete tasks. Do not try to work staying up late at night because most of the people can work more effectively in the morning.

It is also meaningless to try to be a perfectionist. Most of the time, we delay work in order to make it flawless. So if your work is eighty percent perfect and twenty percent moderate, you should be satisfied. That means you are well ahead of others in the competition.

In order to finish your work in time, keep away from unimportant phone calls and uninvited guests. Be a little tricky. Stand up from your chair if there comes an uninvited guest. Ask him directly how you can help him. Go to the point directly.  Complete your discussion standing, and bid him goodbye. Do not waste your precious time gossiping just to show your humbleness. To answer unnecessary telephone calls, use the most unproductive time of the day, for example, before the lunch-time or before you go to the office in the afternoon.

4. Control your anger:

Most of the time you become angry when you are deceived or helpless in some situation. We become excited. Though we want to control our excitement we do not understand what we to do with this excitement. Look for the reasons behind your anger. Take realistic measures to sweep off these reasons. Your anger and excitement will drop down soon.

5. Study:

Study for life, for building and developing yourself. Read books of self-building and self-development. Have a good collection of books on health, food and physical exercise etc. Keep yourself busy in reading the books on the lives of successful people and classical literary work as well. Knowledge about life can make the path of your life smooth.

6. Meditate:

Without immersing into yourself, it is not possible to discover your own potentiality. So before going to bed at night, sit silently for sometimes. Relax your body and mind through meditation. Assess and evaluate your day’s work. Apologize to yourself for your mistakes. Thank yourself for good deed. Put trust on your ability and potentiality. Have a lie-down then.

Meditate again in the morning. Make your work schedule for the whole day.  Start your day’s work with new inspiration. Your personality will develop and you will reach the zenith of your success gradually.


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