Positive Attitude Quotes Collection – 19


Some positive Attitude Quotes from 1001 Auto suggestion’s of Gurujee Shahid El Bukhari – Mahajataq

  • I have the right to make a proposal. But I will think carefully before I do so.
  • I will accept any argument or proposal only after I evaluate it carefully.
  • I know only I can realize my own dreams. I will utilize every second to make my dream come true.
  • I can never give something I don’t have. I will first attain peace, health and success myself.
  • Internal dissonance takes God’s grace away from work. I will do all my work joyfully. The results will be astounding.
  • I am keeping up with the times. I am learning new skills and developing new strategies. I will win.
  • I will never be complacent with temporary success. I will treat each success as ground zero and strive for something greater.
  • Friendship is the name of giving, not taking. This is the definition of friendship I will follow for myself and others.
  • I may get away with cheating in class exams, but I cannot pass life’s exam without hard work. I will always find pleasure in hard work.
  • I will weigh the pros and cons of every option before I make a decision. I will take responsibility for my decisions.
  • I am my own competitor. Everyday I make all-out effort to surpass myself.
  • An idea preached by one person fades away after his death, but a philosophy nurtured by an institution lasts forever. I will be part of an institution.
  • I have to express my own beliefs. I am learning how to express myself clearly and concisely.
  • Consumerism gives birth to stress. I will refrain from unnecessary shopping.
  • From now on my mind will harbor only pure and creative thoughts and ideas. My creativity will flow continually like a river and guide me to do the right thing at the right time.
  • As an expression of my gratitude I will do more and more work every day.
  • Charity drives away disease and difficulty. It also drives away fear, anxiety, pain and suffering. I will donate regularly.
  • Poverty, anxiety, fear, frustration and depression are the results of lack of use or misuse of talent. I will use my talent properly.
  • I can and I will. Courage, enthusiasm and skill will help my dreams fulfill. All my actions will express my universal goodwill.
  • Improper use of physical, mental and spiritual energy expresses a lack of gratitude. I will use all my energy properly.
  • I may dominate people with my physical strength but to win their hearts I need empathy and moral strength. I am achieving the strength to win people’s hearts.
  • Group efforts attract God’s grace and enable the individual’s feat. I will work in a group. When needed I will follow, when needed I will lead.
  • Success starts from belief. I believe. So I will win.
  • I understand others. So it is easy for me to work side by side with them.
  • I don’t need fame, fortune or favors to change my life. I only need to change my attitude.
  • The anger, hatred and jealousy in my heart is being replaced by an all embracing love for all beings. In return I am getting spontaneous support from nature and people. Success will be mine.
  • Comparing myself to others will only make me discontent. I will give up comparisons and look within instead. I will be content.
  • Fools become complacent and rest after an achievement. Those who are intelligent express gratitude and then move on to the next step. I will follow the path of the intelligent.
  • Gratitude is an expression of faith and humility. By expressing sincere gratitude I am strengthening my faith.
  • Regular meditation greatly improves the quality of thoughts, decisions and expressions. I will meditate regularly.
  • Hatred is a fire that destroys everything that is good. I will be free of hatred.
  • First it will happen in my imagination. Then I will work tirelessly to turn my imagination into reality. This process of monchhobi (goal visualization) will make my success inevitable.
  • I will never gossip. I will spend every available moment in good work.
  • Lack of regular practice disrupts the flow of meditative energy. I will meditate regularly.
  • I will discover my talents and nurture them. I have the courage to nourish my talents.
  • I am at peace. My very presence will make my surroundings peaceful.
  • A curious mind learns easily. I am nurturing constructive curiosity.
  • Character is the sum of attitude and behavior. I will be proactive in both respects.
  • Life is a treasure. I will sincerely share this treasure with others.
  • Collective charity brings unbounded well being. I will donate regularly to my charity bank.
  • I will think and speak only of constructive matters. This positive outlook will transform my world completely.
  • I know the way to happiness is to make others happy. I am learning how to serve.
  • I will speak the truth without fear but with compassion.
  • Gold remains gold wherever it falls. If my spirit shines nothing can defile me.
  • I will use my wisdom to make correct decisions and proper choices.
  • I am feeling sleepy. I will sleep for five minutes. Then I will begin my work with zest and enthusiasm. I am falling asleep now. I will wake up automatically after five minutes. I will finish the rest of the day’s work with zest and enthusiasm.
  • I will always help others. This will make my life more fruitful.
  • I will never cling to anyone. I will set everyone free. I am the true lover.
  • There are better ways to face my reality. Wisdom will help me find them.
  • Character enhances beauty. The beauty of my character will attract everyone to me.

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