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We all want to wake up in the morning and start our daily work with a fresh energetic feeling. But how many of us can really do that? Most of the people cannot even wake up by themselves. Even if they wake up, it takes a lot of hard work for them to fight against the laziness and leave the bed. The tiredness and irritation look in their face makes it clear that they would like to go back to sleep again. Due to practical reasons, they have to stay awake but in the most of the cases, it takes even hours for them to get over the drowsiness and to become completely conscious and ready.

This problem of rising early in the morning is not only seen in our country but all over the world. Dr. Gerold Maxman an American doctor had written in his book ‘A Good Night’s Sleep‘ that: Problems related to rising in the morning is a common sickness now. Statistics based on 600 Americans had showed that among them, only one-third of them can rise in the morning on time and with freshness. Almost 17% stated that it takes them almost one hour or more than that to become completely conscious. In some cases the time limit is even more.

There was a time when people in our country used to leave their bed really early in the morning. There used to be a popular saying “the early morning air is the alternative of the expensive medicines”, which clearly shows the importance of morning air towards health. Even though people still know that morning air is good for health but to sleep late in the morning had become the common fashion. Well there are also many obvious reasons behind that. Previously, people used to sleep early and as a result they used to wake up early in the morning too.

But now a days, the most common tendency of people and their lifestyle do not let them go to bed before midnight. One would spend their time watching TV, partying or just gossiping instead of going straight to bed. One would still be late to sleep even if he does not have anything important to do. On the other hand for some people, the problem starts after going to bed. Tensions about work, family problems and negative thoughts all of them starts to surface in their mind after going to the bed. There are also people who suffer from Insomnia. Consumption of excess tea, coffee, alcohol, cigarettes and even sleeping pills makes it hard for some people to have a deep sleep. So we can say that it is a rare case now to see someone waking up in the morning with fresh energetic feeling.

But if you become a little careful and put a bit effort, then you can also easily have a wonderful start in the morning. To begin, you may follow some of the steps discussed below:

  1. Avoid drinking tea and coffee at evenings. Generally the effect of caffeine gets its peak median value after 2 to 4 hours of its consumption. The effect normally last for 7 hours but in some cases it can also last for 20 hrs. Therefore, try to avoid intake of caffeine through tea, coffee or any other source from 6 hours before you go to bed.
  2. Nicotine directly affects the central nervous system and excited the nerves. An experiment showed that smokers start to sleep well after avoiding smoking for only 3 days. So, avoiding smoking can be an important step toward a good sleep for you.
  3. Alcohol may help you to fall asleep quickly in the beginning. But you probably do not know that it creates the most harmful effect in the long run. Specialists say that only one glass of alcohol is enough to destroy the deep ‘delta level’ of your sleep. So do not drink alcohol for a healthy life and peaceful sleep.
  4. Go to bed and wake up in the morning at a fixed time every day. This would help you to have a routine of your sleeping time and you would also get habituated with it.
  5. Do exercise every day and live an active life. This would help you to increase the delta level of your sleep. Taking a walk for half an hour before or after dinner can also be beneficial for a better sleep at night.
  6. Be smart in choosing food for your dinner. Avoid too much oily, spicy and rich food at night, which can surely disturb your sleep. A short menu with less amount of food like a glass of milk or a cup of curd, one piece of bread and a small bowl of vegetables are best for you.
  7. Try to do Shithilion (Relaxation Meditation method) every day in the bed before sleeping. This will make you feel warm, relaxed and comfortable, which would help you to catch a deep sound sleep. If you do not know how to do Shithilion, then you can download it from our website and practice it using the Quantum Method technique.
  8. Do not laze on the bed once you woke up in the morning. Try to get off the bed immediately and then set out for a morning walk. The charm of the morning air and its freshness would wash away all your lazy-tiring feelings.
  9. You can also get rid of your laziness by doing the Relaxation Method – shithilion in the bed immediately after you woke up. You can also give autosuggestions during the shithilion. Then get off the bed and try to do a little exercise.  This will help you to start your day with an amazing feeling.
  10. Always try to take a heavy breakfast. Do not follow the western style by having only tea and toast in the morning. The morning food should contain lots of protein in it. Try to include foods like egg, butter, milk, cheese, fish and meat in your breakfast. This would provide the necessary energy you would need for an active busy day.

The steps that had been discussed above are practically proven to be beneficial for a good night sleep and for an energetic start at the morning. By following these steps, you can also get benefitted and begin your day with a classic rhythm! Also, if you have a good start in the morning then it will definitely be easier for you to accomplish your entire daily task on time.

Thanks a lot for reading this post.


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