TIME: Is it waiting for you?


Article source: Quantum Method

Once I was asking my friend, “What is the most important thing in your life?” He answered, “Money“. If I ask you what is the most significant thing in your life; well you might answer differently. Actually, there is a companion that goes with us on a journey. Every day, we are reminded to cherish each moment by this special one. This special friend is ‘Time’.

Wondering why? There are a lot of things in life you might get back but has anyone got back the time he has left behind? Just imagine yesterday, somewhere between Sunrise and Sunset; two golden hours and each set with sixty diamond minutes. Can you bring them back with all the essence those hundred and twenty priceless minutes had with them?

Time and tide wait for none! A pompous and self-satisfied proverb and it is yet to be felt deeply unless we start realizing the importance of it. Ask a value of a year to a student who received a failing grade last year. If you really want to recognize the value of a month, ask a mother who gave birth to a premature baby. To appreciate the value of a week, ask a person who needs to submit his project to save his company. If you really want to know the meaning of a day, ask a wage earner who can’t feed his family unless he works.

You cannot hold it, can’t even evade it. Time is the reality that you have to face inevitably. We have a tendency to neglect the importance of time without any reason. It is like destroying your lungs though you know smoking is bad for your health. We have the propensity to delay programs without any specific reason. Being late seems to be the tool to grab everyone’s attention. How many wedding ceremonies have you attended where you have seen the bride or bridegroom present in the time mentioned in their invitation? It is so obvious that your scheduled train of 8 pm will never start at 8!! We never give a thought. Do we?

Great Buddha once said, ‘To do something good for your own self is the hardest thing to do.’ Time is the companion that needs to be utilized to bring out the best of your abilities. It is sad to see how we waste our invaluable moments by watching TV for hours. Surely, television is an asset when you watch programs that help you to learn. However, often it is just a way to throw away your relationships, family bonding; eating up hours after hours.

If you had a jar that you know will be in pieces if it falls from your hand; you will always try to be careful to carry that. You know that the broken one will not be the same ever as new as you have in your hands. Time is your precious jars that will never be found if you allow it to slip away.

Have you ever thought for a moment, if you die just this moment and God asks you about the way you have spent your time that you have been given; what will be your answer?

It is the ‘TIME’ to think!


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