Gift of a Smile

article_figt_of_smile_image1Have you ever seen someone who smiles all the time? Have you noticed that when you see that person you start to smile yourself- whether you know him personally or not? Has it ever happened to you? Well it happened with me all the time. There I was, deeply focused on, or rather specifically bombarded with, all the worries of the world (specially what was going on in my life and surroundings) and all on a sudden I would see someone who smiled from their heart and just seeing so much happiness made me feel happy. “Are they ever unhappy? Do they have problems in their life?” I wondered. Well it turned out they had so many you could not have imagined. But the difference between them and me was that they would take things easily. They could laugh and live at that present moment whereas we would carry on the heavy burdens from the past and eventually we made our present the bitter past. And we did not even know how our present turned into our past and kept thinking, “How come we can never live at the present moment?”

Now let me ask the same question from a different angle. So you might see many people smiling every day. Do all of them make you happy? I would say no. And it is true. Because we might see people smiling but if it is not from the heart you can tell the difference. And you can feel it. When someone is smiling sincerely it touches your heart whereas with the fake ones you might put on a smile in return but it will not make you happy or make you forget what you were thinking.

Lots of Research reports are available which show that people receive more help when they smile. And when they wanted to find out why people smile it came out, not surprisingly, that in most cases Happiness was the motivating cause of a smile. So, people who are happy tend to smile more. And when you smile, it actually makes you even happier! It is a positive cycle.

How come some are so happy that they are smiling all the time and others are not? I want to be a happy person and want to smile all the time. So why can’t I be? I started to question my inner self. What was going on deep within? I found out I was a bitter person. I did not know how to smile. Let me put it this way. I always looked at the negative side of things. Now I think you can resonate with my feelings. So let me ask you another question. How could you recognize my feelings? Dare I say, you are also surrounded by your negative thoughts? May be not always, may be sometimes? Well that sometimes is always for some people and I was one of them. Throughout my entire life I always thought about what might go wrong. Instead of looking at the positive things I looked at what was not working well. I would spend hours thinking about the alternate steps I would have to take as things would not go smoothly. I did not think about what I would do if things did go as planned. I would look at the faults and try to correct those. As I was always thinking in the wrong direction eventually my brain started to guide me that way and from the top of the class I became an average student. I wanted to change my situation just did not know how to do that.

A strange thing happened one day. One of my most quiet friends came to me to have a chat. That person was someone who would not talk to you unless you asked a question and even then you could not be sure whether that question would be answered. When a person like that wants to talk with you without any reason you would think there might be something going on. Well I found out a new horizon had opened to that person. She had attended a course realized that one could change his/her life by changing his/her attitude. “Well I have a good Attitude; I don’t want to harm anyone. Isn’t that enough?”, I thought. It turns out how you focus your attitude makes you either a happy or an unhappy person. And no wonder I could not smile. I was unhappy because I always looked into negative things. With the positive inspiration I started to look into the brighter side of the world.

And you know what? I have started to smile. May be a little but I have started. And that’s a good way to be happy and spread some happiness. So when you see someone smiling from their heart and you want to have that happiness……you can think about this piece. Be grateful for what you have. It might be little but still you have some. You can read this article that means you have great eyesight and your brain is still working and most probably you are healthy as well. You are in much better position than those who are out there somewhere in danger and crying for help. Most of all YOU ARE ALIVE! You still have the chance to be happy and make someone happy. SO WHY WAIT? Be grateful today. Start with a little smile by and spread some joy around. Pretty soon you will see you have become that person who inspires the world with a beautiful smile and most of all who is happy inside.

Article source: Quantum Method

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