5 Steps to Overcome the Shyness!


There’s hardly any doubt on the fact that shyness is a wonderful emotion. It’s because of this emotion we stay away from the bad habits. This emotion helps us to stay away from the doings which are socially unacceptable. Shyness is the main reason which keeps us away from the bad doings such as stealing, extra-marital affair and etc.

Ears or face turning red, head or shoulder getting lowered or simply taking away the eyes from the person who is accusing, are the common expression of shyness. In fact when we feel embarrassed because a person is accusing us for something, we tend to lose our self in front of that person. Some of us might even wish if we could just hide under the ground where we are standing.  All of these expression of shyness shows one simple fact, when a person feels shy he tends to hide himself and that’s the reason why it is so difficult to identify this emotion.

Shyness can turn one’s life into misery even though it’s a wonderful emotion, when this shyness is expressed in weird way or when one is having excessive shyness. At the point of excessive shyness, shyness disguises itself into proud-ness, depression, stubbornness or just the habit of closing oneself from others. Psychologists now believe that the biggest cause of depression is shyness. And also sometimes the sudden burst of anger could be because of an embarrassing experience’s similar from the childhood.

Many people find that guilty feeling and shyness are similar. The truth is the difference between them is very clear. Things we have done or being accused for doing and feeling bad about that defines guilty feeling.  Since guilty feeling involves wrong doings overcoming that feeling can be easy. Just admit the wrong doing and ask for forgiveness. But the problem arises when it is shyness as it gets difficult to get over that.

Psychologists state that every human being can be a victim of shyness. Usually we get shy on three different sort of things, weakness, faults or immoral adultery.  Being shy about our body is another factor of shyness. For example, if I had reduced my food intake I would not have so fat. Or my nose is so ugly. My legs are so small and weak. We can refer this kind of shyness as hidden shyness.

The people who suffers from the hidden shyness are always confused about feeling being either proud or shyness. Small sudden success takes them to the peak of proud feeling; again a small failure excites their feeling of shyness. The more we can overcome this hidden shyness; life might turn into happier and better.

To overcome this hidden shyness, follow these 5 methods and you can get rid of this shyness:

  1. Identify the places, people, things or actions that you are shy to do or meet or go. Identifying those things will make you bring your shyness to light. Now find the reasons for being secretly shy about these factors.
  2. The nature of shyness is to run away from the factor you’re shy off. To overcome the shyness you’ve to handle it in the exact opposite way.  That means, when you were about to look away because of shyness, don’t do that. Instead look straight into the object and say to yourself, there is nothing for me to be shy off.
  3. In the walk of life you might find that there are some people who tries to put you in an embarrassing moment or situation, avoid them. Change the pattern of your relationship with them.
  4. You can follow a wonderful way in Quantum method to get over your shyness. By the steps of easy Relaxation reach to the Alpha station and then start recalling all the bits of the embarrassing moments of your life, one by one. Bring all the bits of those moments in front of you.  Try to feel all the colors, smell, taste and temperature connected to that incident. Try to repeat the whole incident in your mind as much it is possible for you. Just crop out the parts of your life, which involves the embarrassing moments.  Add a positive scene into the incident to replace the part which initiated the embarrassment or shyness.  You will find your shyness has disappeared! Distinctive Psychologist Dr. Gershen Kauffman illustrated his own experience of using the concept of using thought power in a quiet place to get rid of the shyness.  When he was a student he was going for a speech in stage when he fell down on the stage which gave laughter’s roll among the student and he felt embarrassed! Ever since then the fear of giving speech got into him. After finishing his studies he got into this habit of sitting in a quiet place and imagine the whole incident but used to finish it with a positive ending. In this way he transformed the memory of an embarrassment into a successful one. Giving Speech- which was a torment for him turned into a pleasure.
  5. The biggest vaccine of shyness is confidence and self-respect.  Start respecting your own self. Start taking yourself as extraordinary creation. No man is flawless. Even you can have a flaw too. Except easily those flaws. Start working on your virtues. People will start respecting your virtues.  And that will boost your self-respect.

Article source: Quantum Method

Thanks a lot for reading this article.

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