Positive Attitude Quotes Collection – Part 20


Professor M U Ahmed, the pioneer of Applied Psychology in Bangladesh, first applied Autosuggestions on himself. In 1934 he became infected with paratyphoid and got admitted in the Mitford Hospital in Dhaka. After four months of failed efforts the doctors gave up hope and suggested that he spend his last days at home. As he was being taken to his hometown Barisal in a boat on the Buriganga, he discovered a new mantra for life. From the deepest part of his being, he kept on repeating ami bachte chai, ami bachbo, (I want to live, I will live.) He got better. In 1973, he was declared clinically dead and yet came back to life in the same process.

The best way to practice is in the meditative level, and the first phase of meditation is relaxation. When our body is relaxed, our mind is more open, more ready to embrace change.


This is the last part of Positive Attitude Quotes series, from the book “1001 Autosuggestions – to change your life” (english version), by the famous pioneer of the Meditation Technique: Quantum Method in Bangladesh.

  • Truth prevails. I will be truthful with myself.
  • Meditation, Medicine, prayer and charity; I will use all four for my healing.
  • Other sciences are partial. Only the science of living is complete. It not only teaches us facts and information but also shows us how to apply them in our lives. I am practicing the science of living.
  • I will identify my mistakes, correct them and learn from them. This is the way of the enlightened.
  • I will think before I speak, so that I may plant the seed of success in the minds of others.
  • The spiritual bond of togetherness gives unbounded peace and fulfillment. I will be a part of sangha (association of good people). It will be my source of inspiration.
  • I will live in the present and feel the quality of every moment. This will give me the tools to move forward.
  • I am unique. I am free of all external dependence. I will triumph.
  • The right views will light my way. The right aims shall be my guide, and peace will follow my footsteps.
  • I will face all problems with courage and good sense. This will strengthen my confidence and make it easier to transform future problems into possibilities.
  • God created man unto toil and trial. I enjoy toil and trial. Success will be mine.
  • I will live my life to the fullest. I will follow the path of the enlightened.
  • I am in tune with nature. I will go with the flow. I will surely get closer to my destination.
  • The use of nice words generates positive resonance in relationships. I will always use nice words.
  • Time is a double edged sword. If I am not mindful of it I will be injured by it. I will utilize each moment well.
  • I will analyze my achievements and identify my strengths. Then I will utilize my strengths to build a bright future.
  • Every extraordinary feat began in ordinary circumstances. I will start my journey of success from where I am now.
  • I will work tirelessly till the moment I die and I will work only to please God.
  • I will meditate regularly. With each meditation my concentration will be deeper, my meditative experience more profound. My consciousness will transcend all barriers. All beneficial desires for myself or mankind will come true.
  • The primary cause of failure is the vicious cycle of bad habits. I am breaking this vicious cycle and developing Quantum habits. Success will be mine.
  • The difference between a proactive and reactive attitude is clear. I am proactive.
  • I will break free of my current harmful comfort zone to reach new horizons of achievement.
  • Today I will work with self-assurance. Action today will help me build a secure tomorrow.
  • No one likes a bad-tempered person. I will always keep my temper under control.
  • Jealousy brings distress. Instead of being jealous I will devote my energy to my own success.
  • If I treat someone ill it will one day destroy my own peace. To protect my peace I will be kind to all.
  • Anger, wrath and fury decreases the flow of serotonin in the brain. Meditation increases the flow and creates a feeling of well being. I will meditate regularly.
  • The child learning to walk keeps on falling down but gets up every time. In my quest for self development I will learn lessons from the child. Every time I make a mistake I will start again with new determination.
  • Credit cards increase the likelihood of unnecessary spending and propel us deeper and deeper into debt. I will be cautious in handling credit cards.
  • Consumer loans start a vicious cycle of stress and anxiety. I will never take loans to buy consumer goods.
  • The whole world is mine. I will reach every frontier of success on the wings of my monchhobi (vision).
  • Unless I can discipline myself I will never be able to discipline others. I will first establish discipline in my own life.
  • I will pray or worship regularly. I will work for God’s satisfaction. I will dedicate myself to the service of humanity. My whole being will be enlightened by the light of truth. I have surrendered to God.
  • I pray with complete devotion. Every prayer brings rapture and reveals God’s grace in new ways. Every desire turns to reality.
  • A scholar tries to establish his theories through arguments, but the enlightened leads by example. I will follow the path of the enlightened.
  • Whoever was born must die. I will fulfill my mission and die content.
  • My inner peace will draw others towards me, my company will give them new hope and inspiration. I will be the refuge of millions.
  • Whatever I devote in the service of humanity will bring my salvation. Today I will devote my talent, labor or wealth in the service of humanity.
  • Life is a priceless gift from God. I will make this gift meaningful with universal love.
  • The greatest hero is the one who has established mastery over his own animal instincts. I will keep my animal desires under control.
  • I am an inseparable part of eternal life. My life is a profound journey for fulfilling a noble mission. I do all my work joyfully and enthusiastically. Every task brings deep satisfaction.
  • The enlightened never impose, they always inspire. I will also inspire others to share my beliefs and ideals.
  • I know death is not extinguishing the light; it is putting out the lamp because dawn has come. I will be fearless in the face of death.
  • I am here to fulfill a noble mission. I will welcome death only after my mission is fulfilled.
  • Lord, I am your slave. Your wish is my wish. Let my life reflect your wishes only.
  • Truth is my friend. And like truth, I will prevail.
  • The higher the rise, the bigger the fall. The more successful I become, the more careful I will be about mistakes.
  • My work will be such that in the face of death I can say, ‘Lord, I am ready’.
  • I am a cosmic traveler. With death I will start the next phase of my cosmic journey. My last word will be the name of my Lord. Eternal joy will be mine.
  • In life I will be the refuge of millions. In death they will say goodbye with tears. As a source of everlasting inspiration, I will live in the joy, sorrow, problems and promises of successive generations.

Thanks a lot.

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