You can be Fine Too!


Success is a never-ending its own journey. It is not any specific destination. It is the path of reaching a destination…a goal! You may need to change your track to reach your ultimate goal. Your current failure can also act as the turn over to your ultimate glorious successful life.

Denis Wetly, specialist of self-development, mentioned a wonderful story of his own life. In 1979, he was supposed to go from Chicago to Los Angeles to give a speech there. When he reached the Ohara international airport, he saw that he was already late. The terminal gate was already closed and they were removing the stairs of the plane. He went to the gatekeeper lady and requested her to stop the plane. But his request, argument and shouting brought no result. He saw the plane take off in front of his eyes. With anger and disappointment he went to the ticket counter quickly to protest about the injustice just happened to him. He was standing on the line when he heard the sound of a loud crash. The plane, which he was supposed to catch, crashed as soon as it took off. One of the engine of the plane broke and fell on the run way. The hydraulic line and the control cable got detached. The pilot could no longer control the plane and all the passengers including the crew died.

Later Denis Wetly wrote about this incident of his life. He said ‘After hearing this, I left the ticket line and went to a room in the airport hotel. Then I knelled down and touched my forehead on the carpet beside the bed and thanked God. Almost twelve years passed but I still have the ticket of flight-191. I didn’t send the ticket to the travel agent to get my money back. In fact, I tagged it to my office’s bulletin board. This ticket actually silently reminds me that every single day is Christmas for me. Because the biggest blessing of my life is that I’m still alive!’ Steps for a complete successful life:

1. Give importance to people:
Always try to locate which thing is necessary for you and doing what would be the best for you. There are many people who lead a lonely and tired life because once they used to neglect their personal relationships. They gave so much importance to their work that they completely forgot about their friends and family. They were so much cherished and addicted by success in work/business and money that they had no time left to spend with their spouse, kids and parents. So in the later life even though they are drowned with success and money, they find life lonely and meaningless. At that time
they want the attention and time of their wife and children. But sadly, by that time his family members had created their own world and they had no time to give him. Therefore always dig out time for your family, your friends, your relatives and for a good social life. Bring out time to create lovely relationships with your close ones. Surely, you’ll get rid of tired and stressful life.

2. Behave empathetically and respectfully with everyone:
Disrespectful and neglecting attitude always makes life cruel and hard. On the other hand, respectful and empathetic attitude makes life sweeter. Respecting and empathetic behavior is not at all for friends only….you may also show this positive behavior with your enemies.  In fact this positive behavior can act as an antidote to kill the enmity between you two. We can look back at our history to make this clearer.

When the huge Moghul emperor came to attack the capital of Isha Kha, which is known as Sonar Gaon….then the Isha Kha and King Mansinho agreed to go for a war as a trying of settlement. During the war Isha Kha and Mansinho was fighting against each other. At a point the sword of king Mansinho broke down. In this situation Isha Kha could easily took an advantage and kill king Mansiho. But instead of this, he threw another sword towards the king. This empathetic attitude of Isha kha touched the King’s heart and he decided to put an end to the war! He went back to Delhi with his emperor. Now think what could have happen if Isha kha didn’t act so empathetically and took the advantage to kill Mansinho. There was this sure possibility for more soldiers to come from Delhi.  It would have become difficult for Isha Kha to fight against such huge number of men. Therefore by acting empathetically Isha Kha saved himself from losing the war. Actually kind and empathetic behavior is such a great virtue that makes life peaceful and heavenly!

3. Always be grateful:
Human nature is such that we see the sadness and harsh times of our life first. Due to personal reasons or probably as a nation we notice the incomplete things first… we have this negative attitude towards life. If you ask a neighbor or a friend ‘how are you?’ Then his possible replies would be ‘not that good’ or
‘life’s just passing somehow!’ types of stressful answers. Even if you ask the same question to any millionaire then he would give you the same stressful reply. Or if you go and ask opinion about a good article, then very little percentage of people would say that the writing is good and maximum percentage would say that it falls on an average category.

In total there is this negative and ungrateful attitude towards everything. These types of attitude always make life hard and frustrating. But if you bring out pro-active and positive attitude in yourself then the bright and good sides of life would appear to you…happiness would reach you more quickly! Now if you ask a European ‘how are you?’ then even if he have a millions of problems in life…he would always say ‘I am fine’. Therefore in this way by taking
positive attitude he’s attracting the good things towards him. And, without any doubt they are much better in many things than us. Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) said that whenever anyone asks you about your health, always say ‘Sukur Alhamdurillah, I am fine’.  Always try to be grateful and create the habit of saying positive things in life. Automatically, as the rule of nature…you will get better!

4. Turn your scars into stars:
Sadness is a part of life. Failure may often find you before you taste success. Successful people always know how to turn their failures and unhappiness into strength. For an example, take a look at the life of Jouti Basu. He was the chief minister of East Bengal. As a student he had always dreamed to be an I.C.S officer. But he failed in the I.C.S examination. But that failure didn’t break him. He decided to join the Trade Union and Community Party. We all know about his success as a chief minister. He stayed in power longer than any other chief minister in India.

5. Be Kind:
Selfishness always makes life a tiring heavy burden. Whereas on the other hand kindness and empathy brings joy in life…make life more charming…more meaningful! Hazi Mohammad Mohsin, who was
famous for his charity acts, quite beautifully quoted ‘I have only one life. The road on which I’m traveling right now may not come second time in my life.  So on my way if I can help someone then I would do it on my first chance because if I’m late then I’ll miss this wonderful opportunity’. Therefore always try to help people irrespective of the fact that how small it is! Try to be kind and you’ll surely taste a different flavor of happiness.

6. Every cloud has a silver lining:
If you have a negative outlook than you’ll never be able to taste the happiness and joy of life. Always remember, happiness and frustration can never stay at the same time. If you are frustrated…then your frustration will kill the happiness. In the same way if your heart is filled with happiness and joy…then frustration would run away. Whoever tasted happiness in life had always seen the roses over the thorns. For an example, look at the life of Helen Keller. Due to a disease in childhood, she lost her sight and hearing capabilities. But still she graduated from the collage and established herself as a writer. As a successful lecturer she traveled all around the world. The secret of her success was her positive attitude towards life. She wrote ‘I have so many things in life that I don’t have time to think about what I don’t have’. If a deaf and blind lady can be so much proactive…so much confident…so much grateful, then why can’t you! Be grateful and enjoy the happiness with the new positive outlook towards life.

Article source: Quantum Method

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