Know why You will Live !


To enjoy your life fully and happily you need to know the reason for which you are living. If you can have contained a clear picture of the reason you want to live it will get easy for you to overcome the simple roadblocks towards your reason/dream. But if we ask a very straight question to people, what is your aim in life, we will find that almost 95% are stuck with no answer! The funny thing is that if you don’t know what you want from your life, you’ll end up having nothing. You will not progress to anywhere instead you will just move around aimlessly like a ship which doesn’t know where it’s supposed to go! If you are one of those who haven’t fixed your aim, goal or your desire from life, then let’s try to do it right now.

Find a quiet place with a table and chair and sit there comfortably with a piece of paper and a pen. Close your eyes slowly. Slowly inhale deeply and exhale slowly. Keep on breathing in and out like that way for 5-7 times. Then for one minute try to focus on your breathing while keeping your eyes closed.  Start noticing how the air is flowing going through your nose to the lungs and flowing out from there. While you’re focusing on the rhythm of the air in and out you’ll find you’re quickly feeling a peaceful feeling. When you’re done all these steps and ready ask these questions to yourself:

  1. What is the thing I find most enjoyable to do?
  2. What do I want to do?
  3. When did life appear to be most meaningful to me?
  4. What is my life’s ultimate goal?
  5. What gives me the maximum pleasure?

Ask these questions to yourself. Leave the questions to your mind, to your inner self. Many other similar questions might pop-up in your mind let them come. You just hold your peaceful feeling and wait for the answer. Don’t try to use logic over here, instead let the tension of what’s the answer to go away and just wait and take notice on those small feelings you get while leaving the questions flowing in your mind. Whatever the answer that comes to your mind, open your eyes and pen it down in the paper front. At first you might encounter a flood of thoughts and answers coming to you. Most of them are just might be the desires of the conscious mind where the desires are mostly surfaced in the mind because it got influenced by the surrounding.

Once you’re done writing, close your eyes and leave the questions again for the mind to find an answer. In this way, you will be able to reach deeper into yourself. You’ll find the right answer. You might not find the answer on the first day or on the first go. If it is necessary to do this exercise more than once…but do remember you’ll find the answer. Once you’ve found the answers: Ask these questions to yourself:

  1. What are the obstacles on my way to make these dreams come true?
  2. Why my goal/ aim are not meeting the end point?
  3. What are the surrounding obstacles in the way for my goal to meet the end?
  4. What are the things that are working as obstacles from my side in the way to achieve my goals?

Give yourself the time to find the answer. Go deeper into yourself; get busy into listening your own self. Once the answers surfaces open your eyes and pen it down. Once you’ve found the answers to those questions, ask yourself again:

  1. What are the changes I need to bring in myself for those goals?
  2. What are the steps I need to take to express my life’s goal, myself to the world?

Follow the steps again for the answers and pen down the answers. Once you’ve found those answers close your eyes and ask yourself again:

  1. What are the things I need to do immediately for my ultimate goals?

Wait for the answers and when it comes pen it down. And start doing the things you have to do. Start taking steps towards the goal. Whatever and how small might be the step is, take it. Even the start of a thousand mile journey starts with a simple short first step. Don’t allow your laziness or procrastination rule you out of your steps. Don’t waste your time. When you can start the journey in time, you will reach the destination in time.

Article source: Quantum Method

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