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Once upon a time there was a small peaceful village. The villagers were very well off. They had land full of crops, farms full of cattle. Their yards were full of poultry. In such a house, once a hen hatched several eggs. When the chickens came out, surprisingly a bizarre looking creature was also with them. It looked like a duckling. But, it was so ugly! How did it come here? Why was it so different from the others?

Its life started from one corner of the back yard of that house. No one used to like it. The other human kids used to pinch it if they got chance. Chickens used to chase it up all the time. Even the crows used to make this poor duckling scared. Its food was leftovers from the humans. That was even after when other chickens were finished with their eating. No one was close to it except its mother.

Thus the duckling was passing its life. With days passing, on it was growing bigger. One day, it realized that when it wanted to run fast, it could fly a bit! But, the duckling did not bother with that incident much.

One day for some reason all the chickens started chasing that poor duckling. The duckling got very scared and started running with all its might. It reached at the last end of its village. It had to stop as there was no way to go forwards as there was a valley in front of it. The duckling started thinking what would it do? If it had to move even one step further, it had to move in the water in the valley. However, it had never ever crossed water! And there wasn’t even any other way to go! The duckling’s mother was also coming after him.

Suddenly its attention was drawn to sum swimming ducks of that valley. It was taken by surprise to find out that those swimming ducks looked exactly like him. The duckling was so surprised that one moment it was looking at its mother, the next moment it was looking at the swimming flocks of ducks. It also saw its reflection in water. It realized that it is neither like its mother, not like other chickens. He is actually like those birds that had flown to this area from Antarctic region.

Those birds used to fly to this village in search for a warm place in winter season. Incidentally one egg from any of those bird have had been dropped among the chicken eggs in that farmer’s house and thus that ugly duckling was born. It was amazed to see that how freely those birds were flying in the sky and swimming in the valley. It understood that the life it was passing was not the actual way of passing its life. he also had the ability to fly like those birds. It also understood that being chased up, eating leftovers was not life. Moreover, it was born with the ability to fly thousand miles above.

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source: Quantum Method

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