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During the twentieth century, Quantum Physics, Neuroscience and Genetic Engineering have revolutionized the world view of the scientifically inclined. What was for ages a matter based science, bounded by Newtonian Mechanics, has now transformed to a Science that is reliant on consciousness. The post-modern perspective of western Physics has now merged with the world view of eastern spiritual masters, with the Essence centered world view.

In the latter half of the 19th century, based on the laws of Newton and Maxwell, Physics presented a well organized view of the universe. In that view of the universe, everything happened according to some set laws, in which the scientist had no role to play. He was a mere observer. The whole process was independent of the observer and his mind. Albert Einstein was the first to strike the first blow to this view when he published his famous ‘Theory of Relativity’ in 1905. This theory first introduced the observer in establishing physical reality. The scientist who is observing the physical phenomenon became an active participant in the process.

With the growth of Quantum Mechanics, the role of the observer became more and more important in explaining physical phenomenon and scientific theories. The mind of the observer became an important variable in the framework of physical theories and explanations. This revolutionary change in scientific thought process amazed Quantum Physicists. They engaged deeply in the study of the human mind and philosophies. Never before in the history of science has so many leading scientists published books or articles based on the philosophical or moral implications of their research work.

Werner Heisenberg, one of the founders of Quantum Physics, wrote in his Philosophical Problems of Quantum Physics that research on laws of nature is no longer confined within the realms of fundamental particles alone. It is now concerned with our knowledge about these particles, i.e. with the contents of our mind. Edwin Schrödinger, who formulated the fundamental equation of Quantum Mechanics, wrote an extraordinary book called Mind over Matter in 1958. In the light of the new scientific theory, he expressed his wholehearted support for the spiritual world view of philosopher Aldus Huxley. Schrödinger was the first amongst Quantum Scientists to express his solidarity with the philosophical view of the East. Since then, scientists have written scores of books on the subject. Amongst these, two that are immensely popular in the West are, ‘The Tao of Physics’ by Fritjof Capra and Gary Zukav’s ‘The Dancing Wu Li Masters’.

Since Darwin’s time, numerous attempts were made to explain human behavior simply as a biological process. Biological processes, in turn, have been explained as an outcome of physiological activities. In his ‘The Dragon’s of Eden’, Carl Sagan represents this point of view very effectively. “What we sometimes call mind is the brain. The activities of the brain are nothing but an outcome of activities of different organs and physiological processes. There is nothing here that can be called a mind.” Molecular Biologist Francis Crick writes in his ‘Of Molecules and Men’, “All biological sciences must be explained according to Physics and Chemistry”.

No matter how we try to explain mind or life, we have to start with the mind and return to it in the end. For example, we may try to explain the human mind – along with its thoughts and consciousness, as an activity of the Central Nervous System. This in turn can be explained as the outcome of various physiological systems. Secondly, physiological activities at any level can be understood in terms of molecular science. Every physiological activity can be explained as the actions and reactions of the carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen and other molecules. In order to understand atomic science fully, we have to understand it through Quantum Mechanics, and Quantum Mechanics is intimately related with the human mind. Every process in Quantum Mechanics is incomplete without reference to the mind of an observer.

In his Astitter Atolante (The Depths of Existence), Syed Shafiullah, a noted scientist of Bangladesh, says while explaining the spin of Sub-atomic particles “We will most likely be in trouble if we try to compare the spin in the atomic or sub-atomic levels with the spin in the visible world. Whenever we think of spinning around an axis, we need to think of a direction. We think of a reference axis. To find out the direction of electron spin, we can use an electro-magnetic field as the reference. The amazing thing is, no matter how we set the reference field; the electron spin will be always aligned to it. It is almost as if, the electron knows in advance how the observer is going to set his reference field. To say the same thing differently, it is the observer’s mind that decides what the result of the observation would be. This reminds us once again of the dominance of mind over matter. On one hand, this is an important aspect of the universal uncertainty with regard to spin. On the other hand, spin is a constant reality in the subatomic world. It is this spin that creates the diversity in the atomic base of molecules, initiates chemical bonds and from that the festival of life.”

A statement of Nobel-winning neuroscientist Sir John Eckles is significant in this regard. Neuroscience has flourished in the last 30 years. The main subject of research is the human brain. Although science has learned a lot about the human brain in the last few years, our knowledge about the brain is still at the elementary level. In a conference of parapsychologists, while answering a question about whether the mind can influence matter, he said, “When we think, the carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, and oxygen atoms present in the neurons of our brain move with every thought. The atoms of carbon, hydrogen etc is matter-based whereas thought is independent of matter”.

Another branch of science that radically changed our world view is Genetic Engineering. At the heart of this science are the DNAs and RNAs present in our cells. It is with the aid of information stored in these DNAs and RNAs that the essence of life thrives and contracts. By changing the information in these ‘information store houses’ we can influence the development of life. This reality reaffirms the dominance of consciousness and information over matter.

Nobel winning scientist Eugene Wagner has summarized the modern scientific take on the mind and consciousness wonderfully in his “Remarks on the Mind-Body Question.” He writes, the majority of physicists have accepted the truth that thought-consciousness is the actual basis. “It is not possible to formulate of the laws of Quantum Mechanics in a fully consistent way without reference to the consciousness”. In the conclusion of his book, he says, “Scientific study of the world led to the content of consciousness as an ultimate reality.” With these comments, modern science has joined forces with the mind-centered world view of eastern spiritual masters. Modern people have been inspired once again to use the power of consciousness, the infinite power of the human mind, for the benefit of mankind. Quantum Method is the easiest and most effective method for using the infinite power of the mind.
(Translated from ‘Quantum Method‘ by Shahid El Bukhari Mahajataq)

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