I am Depressed, I have no Support !


You may think: Nobody helps me, My parents don’t give me money to go to the best private tutor, They didn’t send me to the best school, I don’t even have my own table, My teachers are mean, My classmates are selfish and so on.. But the truth is, you don’t need any of these to do well. All you need is the desire to do well in your life. If you really want to do it, you can. It is as simple as that.

Find it hard to believe?

Dr. B R Ambedkar was born as the 14th child of a poor Indian family at the end of the 19th century. In school he was not allowed to sit inside the classroom with the other students because his family was considered untouchable. If he needed to drink water somebody from a higher caste would have to pour the water from a height. If the peon who usually did this did not come one day, he would have to go without water.

During his entrance exam, he was going to the exam center, which was 19 miles away, on a bullock cart. In the middle of the way, the carter made him get off his cart because he was an out caste. But none of these obstacles could stop him. Among the 14 children of the family, only five survived the poverty and sickness. Of the five, he was the only one to graduate to higher school. He became one of the first persons of untouchable origin to go to college in India. Later he earned higher degrees – including multiple doctorates – in law, economics and political science from Columbia University and London School of Economics.

After he came back to India, he established himself as a successful lawyer and an important political figure. He dedicated his life to establishing the rights of the untouchables and other oppressed people. As the father of the Indian Constitution, he earned praise and respect from everyone. Indians lovingly call him ‘Baba Ambedkar’. On the anniversary of his birth (14 April) and death (6 December) and on other special days, at least half a million people gather to pay homage to him at his memorial in Mumbai.

Your situation can’t be worse than Baba Ambedkar’s. Then why shouldn’t you be able to succeed? The fact is you proved your ability even before you came to this world. Out of the 300 to 500 million sperms that started their journey to unite with the ovum in the womb only one succeeded – and you are the developed version of that sperm. You are in this world because you won a competition with 500 million participants. You won the first competition and you have the capability to win each and every competition of your life.

If you understand how your mind-body system works, then this belief in yourself will become even stronger. Take your body, for example. You have 500 types of muscles, 206 types of bones and 70 to 100 trillion cells in your body. You have a 60,000 mile long pipeline made up of veins and arteries. This pipeline ensures that each and every cell of your body receives food. Your heart beats continuously for a hundred thousand times a day and pumps out 16 hundred gallons of blood without any break or objection!

If you still think you are worthless, if you still want to be like somebody else, then that is your biggest mistake. The brain which controls your mind-body system is at least 1 million times more powerful than a computer. So the price of your brain should be at least 1 million times the price of a computer, which would be 50 thousand million taka or more than 700 million dollars! Everything you see in civilization has been created by using the immense power of the brain. Among the 6 billion people of this world, you are unique. There is no one just like you. Your brain is also unique.

So always remember, you have the ability turn every logical desire into reality, including being first in your class. You just need to believe that you can.

article source: Quantum Method

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