How to Get Rid of Exam Phobia !


To most of us exams are worse than Chinese torture. Believe it or not there are people out there who can’t wait to take an exam and prove themselves. If this is unbelievable, think of what you know you are good at and how you feel when you have a chance to demonstrate that skill. For example, you know you can run faster than the wind and tomorrow is the school sports competition. Or you have a beautiful dress and tomorrow you get to wear it. Imagine the thrill and anticipation you will feel. For a lot of people, exams are like that. And you can feel that way too.

Here are the reasons we usually don’t feel that way:

The number one reason we are scared of exams is because we know we are not prepared. If this is the case with you, unfortunately, there is no magic formula that can make exams tasty for you. Read the other related articles in this blog, and like top students, develop the habit of starting early. Decide on a Vision / Monchhobi about your result from day one and visualize it every day. You will be calm on exam day.

Many of us underestimate ourselves or our preparation. Most of us are better prepared than we think. Autosuggestions and affirmation scan help you feel more confident about yourself and your preparation. You can find some autosuggestions for students here.

Some of your friends may be on the verge of a nervous breakdown because of the coming exam. Others may be saying, “Oh I finished my preparation for this paper three months ago and I have reviewed everything 10 times!” Both can make you nervous. But don’t let them. If you find you are being influenced by them, simply avoid them.

For some of us, even the possibility of not doing well in the exam is unthinkable. Subconsciously, we may be nurturing unreasonable beliefs such as ‘If I don’t do well in this exam I am a failure as a person’, or ‘ If I don’t do well in this exam my parents won’t love me anymore.’ Thinking not doing well is absolutely unacceptable makes us exam phobic. If you think you have any such unreasonable belief deep down, you can change them by doing the negative thoughts meditation. Exams are important but they are not everything. So take it easy.


article source: Quantum Method

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