I Have a Bad Luck !


No, you don’t! You just believe that you do!

Do you know the primary difference between a good student and a bad student is? A good student has positive beliefs and a bad student has negative beliefs.

There is a funny thing about belief. Both the winner and the loser have their own beliefs. But their beliefs are completely different.

  • A good student believes he has the ability to do well, a bad student believes he doesn’t.
  • A good student believes in his strengths, a bad student believes in his weaknesses.
  • A good student believes he has a lot of opportunities, a bad student believes he has a lot of problems.
  • And yes, a good student believes he has good luck, a bad student believes he has bad luck.

It is these beliefs that decide if you are going to be a winner or a loser. A right belief will bring you success and a wrong belief will bring failure.

Scientists have found that our brain, which is immensely powerful, is just like hardware, it can’t act on its own. It only does what the software tells it to do. And the software is your mind, and the beliefs and attitudes in it. So if you believe you will do well, your brain will help you find a way to do so. But if you believe you have bad luck; your brain will make you sick just before the exam.

The important thing is to realize that these beliefs come from somewhere. Often they are created when you make a connection between two things. For example, say you somehow caught a cold just before your exam twice in a row. Your dad noticed this and said, ‘What’s wrong with you? Why do you always get sick before your exams?’ For the first time, your brain made a connection between exams and falling sick. Then your mother added, `It used to happen to me too.

Always had to take medicine before my exams’. The connection became a little stronger. You started to believe that you inherited this condition from your family. Then at the end of the examination, your mother took you to school. Your teachers and classmates asked `Why did you miss the exam? Are you scared of exams?’ `Yes, I am!’, you answered in your own mind.

From then on whenever there is an exam coming up you become anxious and agitated. You want to avoid it at any cost. At last, when nothing works, you fall sick. Even after you grew up and got promoted to the senior classes, this dreadful fear of exams stayed with you. This belief did not come out of nowhere. Your experiences, your attitude, the reactions of the people around you all interacted to create this belief. But that does not mean this belief is true. And it is certainly not helping you.

So nurture positive beliefs. If you do, use Meditation and Autosuggestions to get rid of them, and nurture positive beliefs instead.


article source: Quantum Method

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