I am Not a Brilliant, I am an Average !


Let me ask you a question. Who is better? a Rabbit, or a Tortoise?

At the first, you may think, ‘Of course Rabbit’. But if you think deeply, you’ll understand that tortoise is better. The rabbit can be fast but through steady effort, the slow tortoise always reaches the goal first.

So if you think you are not brilliant, it takes you a long time to understand things, and your memory is even worse, congratulations! Because you are the one who will win. If you have average intelligence, you are more likely to do well than those with extraordinary talent. This is not just us saying, this has actually been proved by research. Those with average intelligence usually do better because they learn to work steadily like the tortoise.

And even if you are a genius, you won’t be able to taste success until you learn to work hard and persevere.

Ibn Sina, the legendary Persian scholar, was the father of modern medicine. He made significant contribution in a wide range of fields including chemistry, mathematics, geography, philosophy, literature, psychology, logic, paleontology, and theology.

Because of his exceptional intellect and keen memory he learned everything his teachers had to teach by the age of 14. But when he tried to learn things by himself it did not come that easily to him.

He had great difficulty understanding Aristotle’s Metaphysics. It is said that he read the whole book 40 times. He had it memorized word by word but its meaning remained hopelessly obscure to him.

Ibn Sina had a wonderful habit. Whenever he faced such a problem he would go to the mosque and immerse himself in deep prayer. He would ask God to give him the capability to understand the knowledge he wanted to acquire for people’s benefit. He continued praying until he felt that God was listening to his prayers.

This time too he did the same thing. And one day he found a commentary on Aristotole’s Metaphysics by another legendary scholar, Al-Farabi at a book stall. It finally helped him understand the book that had been a complete mystery to him. After purchasing it with three dirhams he ran to the mosque to thank God for His mercy and kindness.

So don’t feel bad because you are not brilliant. If you can work hard, nothing can stop you.


article source: Quantum Method


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