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10 Tips for Improving Memory

Before start with the main point, let’s think of why we forget what we read. The most important reason we forget is the negative programming / thinking in our mind. We think we will forget so we do. But the truth is, we all possess the same capacity of memorizing. The difference comes from lack […]

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I Have Always Been a Bad Student !

So what? Just because you have never done well, it does not mean that you never will. Failure really is the Pillar of Success, everybody know that. You don’t have to worry about it! Read the below examples of some famous persons in the world, these could help you a little. One day, after a […]

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I work so Hard but still I can’t do Well !

If this is true, then the gap between your effort and your result is probably caused by the exam. May be you are not performing well enough in the exams. Find out what you are doing wrong. Is your handwriting bad? Do you make spelling and grammar mistakes? Do you memorize the material without properly […]

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Be Happy with What You Have

Ludwig van Beethoven, one of the most influential composers of all time, was born in Germany in 1770. In his childhood, he had to suffer the harsh treatment of his alcoholic and ill-tempered father. The pianist father attempted to exploit his son as a child prodigy and taught him day and night. Beethoven was often […]

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Learn from the School of Life

The founder of Panasonic Corporation, Konosuke Matsushita, was born in Japan on November 27, 1894. He was the youngest of eight children.  When he was very young, his family lost all its fortune because of a bad investment decision. The family was forced to move to a cramped three bedroom city apartment. There was always […]

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Win People’s Heart with Honesty and Kindness

You can be first in class on your own. But in order to be first in life you need the help and support of other people. And the only way to achieve this is honesty and kindness. Unless you are a good human being, unless you have a good heart, all your degrees, awards and […]

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