Win People’s Heart with Honesty and Kindness


You can be first in class on your own. But in order to be first in life you need the help and support of other people. And the only way to achieve this is honesty and kindness. Unless you are a good human being, unless you have a good heart, all your degrees, awards and achievements will be useless.  Money or fame alone cannot give you peace. They cannot make you memorable. People will forget you after your death or only recall you as a bad example.

One day our Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) was going to the market to buy a shirt. He had 12 dirhams with him. On the way he saw a girl sitting beside the road and crying. He went to the girl and asked her gently ‘Why are you crying?’

The girl told him that she was a slave. Her master had given her 4 dirhams to buy some goods from the market. But she had lost them somewhere on the road. Now she was afraid to return home.

After hearing this, the Prophet (PBUH) gave her  4 dirhams from his 12 dirhams and said, ‘Buy whatever you had to buy and go back home.’ Then he went on his way.

When Prophet (PBUH) was returning from the market after a while, he saw the same girl sitting beside the road looking scared and troubled. He went to the girl and said, ‘My child, why haven’t  you gone home yet?’

‘O Messenger of Allah (PBUH)’, the girl replied, ‘It’s too late for me and I am scared that they might beat me and ask as to why I took so long.”

When the Prophet (PBUH) heard this, he went to her master’s home with her. The door was closed. So he said loudly ‘Assalaamu Aalaikum’ (Peace Be Upon You), but no one replied. Once again he again said ‘Assalaamu Alaikum’. Still, no one replied. When the Prophet said ‘Assalaamu Alaikum’ the third time everyone replied ‘Walaikum Assalam’.

Then the Prophet (PBUH) asked `Didn’t you all hear me the first time?’ The head of the family replied, ‘We heard you! But we liked your voice so much that we wanted to hear it again and again.’

When the Prophet (PBUH) told them the reason why he had come the head of the family said, ‘You’ve graced us with your presence. We feel blessed. We will set this slave girl free in your honor’.

No one could be a better example of honesty, kindness and hard work. He lost his parents when he was very young. He couldn’t go to school, but he learned from the school of life. He grew up into a successful and independent person.

After he married Khadiza, the richest women in Mecca, he could have chosen to lead a life of luxury. But instead, he decided to give away all his wealth to the poor.

When he started spreading the message of Islam, he faced cruel persecution by the Quraish. But he never protested. He quietly continued his work. Once when he was prostrated in prayer, some unruly young men spilled the intestines of a camel on his back and ran away. He didn’t even stir. He never tried to take revenge.

When the persecution became unbearable, he decided to migrate to Medina. Even then he sent all his companions first, so that they could be safe. He himself was one of the last to leave. He even left his favorite cousin Ali (RA) in Mecca, so that he could give back all the possessions his enemies had left in his care. United, he and his followers fulfilled their mission. The nation that was considered the most backward and uncivilized in the world became an indomitable force that led human civilization for the next several centuries.


article source: Quantum Method

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  1. #1 by FindingStrengthToStandAgain on August 12, 2013 - 2:32 am

    What a beautiful reading for us to learn from. Thank you for taking time to share it! The freedom of the girl touched me deeply.

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