I work so Hard but still I can’t do Well !


If this is true, then the gap between your effort and your result is probably caused by the exam. May be you are not performing well enough in the exams. Find out what you are doing wrong.

  • Is your handwriting bad?
  • Do you make spelling and grammar mistakes?
  • Do you memorize the material without properly understanding? : Students who do this usually leave some clue, the teacher can tell.
  • Did you spend too long on some questions and too little time on others?
  • Do you omit information without realizing?
  • Is your language too childish or informal for your level of education?
  • Did you fail to understand the question correctly?
  • Did your answer include a lot of irrelevant information?
  • Do you make careless mistakes?

Talk to your examiner if you have the chance, and look at the answer scripts of the people who got good grades. Try to find out what they did differently. Use these lessons to do well in your next exam! Don’t give up!


article source: Quantum Method


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