I Have Always Been a Bad Student !


So what? Just because you have never done well, it does not mean that you never will. Failure really is the Pillar of Success, everybody know that. You don’t have to worry about it! Read the below examples of some famous persons in the world, these could help you a little.

One day, after a four-year-old partially deaf child came home from school, his mother found a note from his teacher in his pocket. The note said, ‘Your Tommy is too stupid to learn. Get him out of school.’ The mother answered, ‘My Tommy is not too stupid to learn. I will teach him myself.’ Do you know who Tommy grew up to be? Thomas Alva Edision. The inventor of the Electric Bulb that we use daily.

There was another little boy, who could not get admitted to a school till he was 9. When he was finally admitted, his teachers thought he was mentally challenged. ‘He never says anything’, they complained, ‘He just sits in the back bench and smiles’. Do you know who that boy was? He is Albert Einstein.

There was an engineer who dreamt of having his own car factory, where he would build inexpensive cars affordable to everyone. Twice he tried, and twice he failed. But he believed ‘Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.’ So he tried again, and he became successful. May be you can guess who that man was. He was Henry Ford, founder of the Ford Motors.

There was another young man who tried out for his varsity basketball team, but was considered too short to play at that level. Instead of giving up, he started to train rigorously. Later he not only made the team, but became the greatest basketball player of all time. His ability to leap in the air and perform slam dunks earned him the nick name ‘Air Jordan’, and ‘His Airness.’ You have guessed right. That young man was Micheal Jordan.

A young cartoonist tried to get a job in many newspapers. But one after another, the editors rejected him, saying that he had no talent. One day a minister of a church hired him to draw some cartoons. He was working in a shed near the church. The shed was full of mice. So he drew a new cartoon. That was the birth of Mickey Mouse. And yes, that man was Walt Disney.

So you didn’t get a chance to study in your desired subject or preferable school of your choice. May be you didn’t get the chance to study anywhere! But that doesn’t mean your life is over. Life is bigger than you think. It is not over till it is over. So do not give up so easily. Try again and again.

Scientist Jagadish Chandra Bose was born in Munshiganj district in Bangladesh. After completing his bachelors from Calcutta’s St. Xavier’s College, he went to England to study medicine. But due to illness, he had to leave medical school only after one year. So he studied Natural Science in Christ’ College in Cambridge University instead. After he came back to India he started teaching Physics at the Presidency College. But there he faced another problem. In those days, the Indian Professors were paid two–third the salary of their European colleagues. Because he was new, he got only one third.

As a protest against this injustice, Jagadish refused to accept the salary check for 3 years. Finally the authorities gave in to his determination and personality. They made his job permanent with retrospective effect and gave him the full salary of the previous three years. Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose’s research into radio, microwave optics, and plant life has made great contribution to the modern civilization.  But he was not interested in patenting his inventions. Instead of benefitting financially from his inventions, he wanted others to use them for universal benefit. This shows what a great scientist he was.

If he hadn’t dropped out of medical school, instead of Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose, the great scientist, we probably would have got an ordinary doctor!

So, you don’t need to worry about your first time, second time, third time . . . . Failure. Just try again and again, success is waiting for you! Take a deep look in the examples of the above stories of successful men, you will find lots of answers about yourself!


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